The Anti-Abortion Amendment Passes the House

The Stupak anti-Abortion Amendment to HR 3200 has passed the house. This amendment was supported by the Conference of Catholics Bishops who demanded it be included. The Catholic Church has a greater say in Congress that do American Women.  

Anti Woman Deal

Abortion opponents won a huge last-minute concession late Friday night after Democratic leaders agreed to grant them a vote on an amendment that would effectively bar insurers that participate in the exchanges from offering coverage for abortions.

Members of the Rules Committee approved a vote on the amendment early Saturday morning after hours of negotiations in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol office, so the full House will get a chance to vote on it when the broader health care bill comes to the floor.

Leaders reluctantly made the decision after working for days to broker a truce that would garner a blessing from the Conference of Catholic Bishops. But the church, according to members and aides, wouldn’t accept a compromise crafted by Indiana Rep. Brad Ellsworth that would have established a body to make sure private insurance companies don’t use federal funds to pay for abortions.

The move came as something of a surprise, but aides predicted it would be enough to break a deadlock that has paralyzed leaders for days as they scrambled to build the 218 votes they need for the health care bill, as well as a procedural measure to green light its consideration.

I cannot express in words my utter disgust for the people who voted to push back women’s reproductive health to the back room abortion clinics and wire coat hangers. I have noting but contempt for these so called human beings who voted for this.  


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    parents didn’t practice abstinence.

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