Stupak: Lip stick on a Democrat

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PhotobucketInstead of real health care reform (Medicare for all, everyone in and everyone pays), the health care bills in the House and the Senate are just expanded Medicaid with a public option that isn’t an option to the public at all.  Thanks to Stupak, the taxpayers will pay for prayer therapy and Viagra while restricting payments for abortions.  Apparently Stupak has no problem with killing 45,000 born babies and their parents each year.

Like the bank bailouts and Medicare Part D, Democratic health care reform is just another corporate rip off of the middle class; and for this privilege, they cut Medicare benefits and raised Medicare’s monthly premiums.  So much for no increases to people who make fewer than 250K a year.  

With Democrats like Stupak in Washington, it really doesn’t matter which party wins election because Republicans and religious zealots like Stupak win either way.  The Democratic health care reform bills are “like putting whip cream on a turd”, to quote a local official in the newspaper on a totally different subject,.  

The do nothing Democrats will pass anything, declare victory, and expect applause.   Maybe if we clap hard enough, we can make them all disappear.  


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    • dkmich on November 7, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    we’re all going to need it.  

    • TMC on November 7, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    has shifted so far to the right that I no longer recognize them. If these blue dogs are supporting erectile dysfunction and “laying on of hand” instead of protecting women’s reproductive health issues and 45,000 people dying without health care then toss their butts out of the party and let them become Republicans. Maybe Sara Palin and the right wing ideologues can do for them what they did in NY-23, get a progressive elected.  

  1. You’re right, both the House and Senate bills are pathetic — latest is, the plan would cover only one in ten Americans — real health care reform (@###$#$)!  It’s a giveaway to the filthy, obscene insurance industry — a mandate on Americans, and with an already noted and probably guaranteed increase of 25% in premiums.  I think at this point, we should be calling our legislative reps. and demanding they “kill the bill.”

    Note this article by Norman Solomon, here on the health care debacle.

    Here’s a pretty gripping video — h/t Chip.

    And, finally, support Mobilization for Healthcare for ALL.

  2. Over at another place I was told to

    “watch my sources”, well this one is online insurance complete with multiple logos of those “great satans” themselves.

    Not up to date on shots?  Coverage Denied!

    So somebody else at the other board chided me for not checking the CDC.  Hey, I don’t get paid for this, and what means “source” in these everybody lies, spins, cheats and or are complete idiots, minions of Satan or owned entirely by corporate.

    Being from mAssachusetts, a mandatory junk insurance state the reams of evidence are crystal clear as are the motives behind bill S2028, the swine flu martial law bill.

    Ha, sources.

    It is 33 years now.

    How did I know beforehand what would transpire?

    I can tell ya but you won’t accept it.

    Just a few, cause lamestream is so geared to five year olds.


    • dkmich on November 7, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Love having you here to keep our pot stirred.  

  3. How do you trade off a RIGHT?

    A woman’s RIGHT to reproductive control!


    It’s sad; especially with Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house (though obviously not her position).

    We have a corporate, male, dominated patriarchy, yet.  

  4. letsgetitdone has a number of good diaries on this topic.

  5. is Jon Walker’s analysis here?

    It is assumed that if Stupak’s amendment is included in the bill several conservative Democrats will vote to pass the overall health care reform measure. Indications are that there not enough pro-choice Democrats willing to vote against the bill if it includes the Stupak amendment to bring down the bill.

  6. was an acronym for “stupid political action committee.”  But alas, it is a ~~real~~ congress critter!  Mon Dieu!

    • TMC on November 8, 2009 at 4:29 am

    64 “Democrats” voting Aye

  7. and Im not exagerrating. I give up.

    Someone tell me when it’s over.

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