Team In Training update

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In a diary from yesterday I noted that I had signed up with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Societies Team In Training program.  Basically I’ll be running the NJ marathon in Long Branch NJ on May 2nd as a fundraiser for LLS.  In essence if you’ll donate to the Leukemia & lymphoma Society I’ll run a marathon for ya!!.  

Heres the link http://pages.teamintraining.or…

We haven’t started the “official” training yet but I’ve been running on my own for most of the year and thought I’d post a diary on my progress.

To date my longest run was 11 miles on a treadmill and 10 on the open road and my weekly average is up to about 30 miles.

Today I ran my fastest 4 miler to date at 35:28 or 8:52 per/mile so I’m psyched.  

Our official start date is the 14th so I should be more organized with all of this by then.  Until then I’ll just keep plugging along.

Thanks for all you help.



  1. Sent a small donation your way. Good luck, and let us know how you do.


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