I demand PURITY!!!!!

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     Demand purity? “But that’s crazy talk!” you say.

     Of course it is! I’m not talking about purity for the Democrats, you sillies. I’m talking about purity for the Republican party.

    I demand MORE of it! MORE Republican purity is the BEST thing the Democratic party and the progressive movement could possibly hope for.

     There is NO possibility of recalling The Wing-nuts-          

     You see, there is no such thing as liberal purity. Put 100 random liberals in a room and you will have 100 different views of how the world should be.

     Conservatives, on the other hand . . . .

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     Egged on by the FOX/Rush know nothings and out of office all stars off the GOP’s past, the 2009 incarnation of the party of Reagan has decided that purity is the most important battle they can fight, along with making sure that President Obama fails.

    It turns out that the only real PUMA’s were in the Republican party, and that party unity can only exist if every one in the party agrees on everything, no questions asked.

    When Democrats call each other out for the crime of being a purity troll it is usually because we don’t want to make the perfect the enemy of the good. Democrats, Progressives and Liberals understand the need for compromise. We know how to play nice with each other when we need to. The problem is that we, as a group, tend to forget when it is time t unify and attack.

    When Republicans call each other out for being a purity troll . . .

    Well, that’s just the thing. They don’t!

    In fact, they call each other out for being, well, impure.

    Xenophobic, sexist, racist, lacking intellectual curiosity, certain that only they are right and everyone else is wrong and unwilling to admit that it is their Conservative philosophy that has brough America to it’s current state of despair, the Republican party not only has no new ideas, they don’t even want new ideas. They have hit their collective thumbs with the hammer of FAIL, and their first reaction is to swing the hammer harder next time.

There is no inclination for strategic thought.

     The only lesson the Republican party has taken away from the 2008 election ass whupping they got from Democrats is that John McCain wasn’t conservative enough and Sarah Palin makes people see star bursts.

     What wingnuts fail to understand is that all of small town America, ya know, the real America, is NOT FRAKKING ALASKA. In the case of the modern Stalinistic purging of moderates from the Republiican party, the GOP may gain ideological purity of essence, but they will lose electability. Worse, elected Republicans have ZERO control over the true leaders of the Republican party, namely, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. This means they can NOT reign them in, and even when they try to rebuke the Beck’s and Limbaugh’s they pay the price by having those same figures attacking the sensible (if such a thing exists) Republicans who understand that you can NOT win national elections with the farthest right candidate possible. Just take the NY-23 election for instance, it is certain that the GOP will go farther right if they win, since they will simply see it as going with what works, and similarly they will go farther right if they lose, since they will certainly blame it on running a moderate instead of the more conservative Hoffman in the first place.

Purity Of Essence

    I understand that Democrats need to be able to run the best candidate for each district. Though the Ben’ Nelson’s of the world make me insane as a Progressive Activist, I understand that he is literally the best we can get in his district. At some point, if we want to win elections and keep a majoirty we have to compromise.

    I also understand that different parts of the country have different political needs. What works for a Democrat here in New York will not necessarily work in Alabama or Missouri.

    But there is a point when the left MUST exert quality control. If a Democrat is so ineffective either as a leader or a member of the caucus that they are consistantly undermining the Democratic platform or the President’s agenda (Baucus), or if they are so corrupted by the power of being a politician that they are damaging the party or the most vital issues facing America (LIEberman), then they should be removed from office by the electorate or expelled from the caucus. If we do not exercise any quality control we will quickly become the Republican party, sans the racism and hatred.

    But that is not purity trolling, it is quality control, and there is a big difference there.

    Plus, Democrats, Liberals and Progressives have big enough majorities that we can afford to do some weeding in small patches. In fact, we must, lest we mistake a garden of weeds for a garden.

    The Conservative political movement within the Democratic party MUST be addressed at some point if we are to govern effectively and yet differently from Republicans. I have NEVER met a Blue Dog voter. Though I respect concepts like fiscal responsibility I have ZERO patience for conservativism in any of it’s forms amongst Democratic Politicians because, in my opinion, Conservative politicians in the Democratic party are simply small government free market Republicans without the socially conservative counter agenda. In my opinion they undermine the Democratic platform and perpetuate the myth that conservative ideas can work. It is fine if one must run for office as something other than a liberal, but it is NOT helping when Conservatives can dominate an agenda in a non conservative party.

    I am not saying we should not, as Democrats and Progressives, welcome people with different ideas into our party, I am simply that Democrats should not let their agenda or party become overwhelmed by the weight of the ideological purity of Conservatives within their own party. Conservatives should be welcome aboard the ship, they should NOT be allowed to chart the entire course or refuse rowing if we will not alter our course to suit their whims.

    But the Republiican party, unlike the Democratic party, can not be reasoned with. They live in a sound proof alternate reality of their own making, tailor made to insulate themselves from things they do not want to see or hear, detached from the sectors of the population they think themselves to be above, and without ideasother than the ideological purity of a movement that has failed and been debunked by reality. When conservative insist, as they are doing so right now, that the failures are NOT in their ideas, but in the people who are not carrying those ideas out properly, because they are not “Trying hard enough” or “staying pure enough”, they are just dismissing the obvious, which is that their ideas have FAILED. Swinging the hammer harder does no good when you are still aiming it at your thumb, and not the nail.

    And that leaves us, as a nation, where we are now. We have a two party system where both parties have a conservative element that is pushing bad ideas that have FAILED. The party that figures this out first and then moves on will evolve and continue on, the one that does not will FAIL and become more and more irrelevant.

    What Republicans do not realize is that they are wrong, dead wrong. By seeking ideological purity they are simply ushering themselves into political oblivion that much faster. They have been left behind by an evolving planet and an evolving America, and though they think they can walk again, they do not realize that their time and their make beliieve world is coming to an end.

    And to that, I demand MORE REPUBLICAN PURITY!

    Just don’t tell the Republicans why I want them to pursue their own purity. Then again, it’s not like they’d listen to you anyway.

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  1. A big tent may be frustrating to make yourself heard in, but it beats being out in the cold.

    Of course, Yelling Louder helps

    : )

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    • TMC on November 2, 2009 at 15:36

    Democrats are far more diverse than Republicans. American is not blue and red it is also purple. Voters who are independent sit more to the center than either the far left or far right.

      I live in a very complex District here in NYC. It is the last strong hold of Republican Conservatives in NYC. NY-13 is split in two by the Staten Island Expressway (SIE). THE Southeastern shore (SES) is the heaviest concentration of Republican/Conservatives and most of the elected local politicians are R/C. The North Shore (NS) is Democratic/Liberal but is more heavily populated,more diverse and the population is also lower income income and ethnically diverse.

      Because of a DWI arrest and a sex scandal (go figure), the R/C House seat fell to the Democrats in 2008, electing Rep. Michael McMahon, and will most likely stay in Democratic hands in 2010. However, to get the Democrat elected, he had to lean right and attract the very influential Conservative endorsement. He has not endorsed all of the Democratic candidates in this weeks local elections like the R/C current Borough President who is running for his 3rd term because term limits were over turned by Mike Bloomberg, the Mayor. OTH, McMahon has endorsed Democrat/Liberal/Working Family Party candidate for the NS City Council seat, Debi Rose, over either the Conservative or Republican candidates. Rose will most likely win with a very wide margin.

      McMahon is a fence sitter and votes whatever way the wind blows in the House which makes him a blue dog for the most part. He has opposed the public option entirely, sides with an increase in troops in Afghanistan but did vote for the environmental bill that included cap and trade. His appeal is not that strong on either side if the SIE but the Republicans have no candidate strong enough to support him. I think eventually the entire district will go blue and we will get a more liberal representative in the House, Ms. Rose being the most likely to challenge McMAhon in 2012.

  2. are masters at the one-liners, quips, adages that they use to shut off their lizard brains from further thought. My best friend is a staunch republican Rush-bot that has all the talking points memorized. If i start up a conversation about any issue or left leaning politician he immediately throws out his little witticisms and shuts down the conversation, it’s over, his mind is already made up and there’s no sense in pushing it any further. They are masters at being closed minded.

    Liberals and progressives are much more open minded and nuanced in my opinion and that’s why we differ so much. We’re like herding cats. What we really need is our own full time non-Fox propaganda cable network to get through to the middle-grounders, and it’s not MSNBC.

    Needless to say, I got tired of my buddies antics and I don’t speak to him much any more. He’s the perfect example of republican purity and he just refuses to see it.

  3. Word!

    Quality control, captivates your purity patrol

    Your mind, body, and soul

    For whom the bell tolls, let the rhythm explode

    Big, bad, and bold D-boys of old

    ♥ you MoT!

  4. chasing each other’s tails going nowhere.  Multi-national globo-corps with their Davos jets, Bilderberg meetings and God given right to conquer nature and the universe itself while at the very same time financing and promoting the Red Chinese industrial gold rush exploiting people above all simply to promote the advancement of control by only a very select few humans on planet earth.

    No, this species is defective and in spite of technological progress has not learned anything since the European genocide day in 1492.  Or perhaps if you are a benevolent high technology alien race we could ask you to relieve the earth of these parasitic galactic riff raff races who thrive on the negative energy of destruction and pain, but no, you can’t alter free will and you certainly can’t allow these assholes to manifest themselves into the next evolution as the Darth Vader’s of the universe.

  5. Clearly, the right is doing fine.

    The Republicans are going further right, and so are the Democrats.  

    The left is doing very poorly.

    As for this:

    But the Republiican party, unlike the Democratic party, can not be reasoned with.

    It’s just total fucking bullshit.  

    What a stupid, stupid post.  

  6. above winning individual races should be convincing independents of our view of the big picture. We believe the country does better when the least amonst us are treated with dignity and repect. The economy actually works for all Americans when the working man receives his fair share. The economy grew at a 4.6% rate in the ’50’s and 60’s compared to 2.8% under Reagan. Sustainability helps businesses not hurts them. Move-on should be running ads, touting these messages. Right now we have no mojo, and won’t have it until moderats are really on our side. They’ll get bored with the direction of the country and vote for a change eventually. Vote for a personality. The Repubs are able to get out their version of the big picture and it always has something to do with Adam Smith and “the Hidden Hand”. We need a meta story, quickly. We need to convince indepents for the long haul, not just on a candidate by candidate basis.

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