Reality Manifesto

“So dear, what do you want for Christmas?”

“One of these bad boys.”

“Are you out of your mind, that’s a car payment, no that’s a whole vehicle.”

“Ya but it displays one whole gigahertz!”

Bad Boy

10Khz to 3 GHz, AM,FM,just about any mode of electromagnetic modulation, a receiver and spectrum analyzer with signal intensity all in one unit.

And if you can get a government PO the U version will let you get your neighbor’s cell phone calls.  Technology really has come a long way.

So I want this why.  Well it picks up the electrosmog all of us live in 24/7.  

People can only see a very small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, comically illustrated here.


If you have two things you can check this out yourself.  A TV remote control and a videocamera.  When you point the remote at the camera you can see the flashes of light your eye can’t see and these flashes change your channels.  The graph shows people can see only a small part of the entire range of energy we all live in.

In the very bizzaro world of today I have to wonder why people are not “normal” or maybe why I am perhaps not “normal”.  I mean it’s just one thing or the other.  The hats are fine but the problem with the hats is that they must be connected to a copper rod driven eight feet into the ground, yes earth ground which kind of limits mobility.

tin foil

I have to wonder about things like this.


Are our thoughts “ours”.  Is all of this affecting our health?

Yes, let’s play mind video games.…

But all of it just doesn’t click.  Life goes on as it did yesterday.

Nobody know why life goes on just as it did yesterday even on this “black” Friday the thirteenth.

Is it real or is it lost in the vast electromagnetic spectrum?


  1. In Canada their support Monsanto and Big Pharma bill is called C6.  I am under the impression the US version of that globalist Codex Alimentarius provisions are set to “roll out” this December which coincides with Canada plus Obama will be in Copenhagen formally ending the United States by making gas 10 bucks a gallon.

  2. Make sure the shiny side is out.

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