Pink Month Over?

I guess Breast Cancer awareness month is over, that an corporate has decided “you don’t need a mammogram”,,,er,,ah,,we ain’t gonna pay for that anymore under the brand new improved emergency much needed, we have to do something right now, health care reform bill.  This and more X-files type Illuminati News up next.

Sarah Palin, still in “the news”?  Hey, you know what would be more fun than that?  Why not just get two wires.  Attach one to each ear.  Attach the other ends of the wire to each terminal of Bernie Kerik’s favorite device, the tazer.

Karma is grand!…

I have this personal debate going on.  This swine flu crap has hit my hometown in earnest including the schools being used as vaccine clincs.  Given the propensity of people to look down upon me with their high and mighty elevated nose positions if I even suggest they look into the ingredients, the world news stories or anything other than TV geared to five year olds.  I should just sit back and shut up, let em euthanize themselves.  Really, why should I even bother, more “stuff” left for me when they all croak off.

When you have people like Catherine Austin Fitts admitting the goal is de-population…well…anyway the other night the wife and I watched The Stand again.  Hemmingford Home Nebraska, should we go there?

Bored in my unemployment I found some neat youtubes.  From youtube try US secret space program and then dying NASA scientist.  Last night I also did another whole gamut of psychokenesis, pyrokenesis and these fake plasma ball throwers and stuff, hell anything is better that lamesteam anything.…

The NASA stuff, well that rabbit hole is deep and long term.  The “Starship Underprise” is parked behind Mars but it’s no problem teleporting to the base for lunch and then coming back.  Secret classified levels, 38 of them ABOVE president of the United States.  Nazi flying saucers, the Vrill Society,Iraq and the secret ancient Sumerian tablets, ancient and current civilization on Mars, the history of earth’s three moons and the parasitic aliens who live inside lot’s of people.

Yeah, I do find that completely logical, entirely plausible, actually light years more believable than giving Obama a peace prize.  Oh, you don’t think they are going to stop at mammograms do you.…

But we can’t look at the labels on a vaccine.

Set my tazer to frappee…..Buuuzzzzzzaaaaaappppp…….

Maybe I’ll just get my shot.


  1. Both my horse and I were a bit lazy and my grandson is always delighted.  He is turning out to be a gracious host, such a charmer.

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