Encourage Creativity and Expand Cross-Disciplinary Subjects: Knowledge as a Full Contact Sport

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Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Bennington president Liz Coleman delivers a call-to-arms for radical reform in higher education. Bucking the trend to push students toward increasingly narrow areas of study, she proposes a truly cross-disciplinary education — one that dynamically combines all areas of study to address the great problems of our day.


Using education to actually educate for a better world and society?!

I thought it was more a “Grades for Jobs” exchange program funded by predatory loan providers to bridge the gap between acceptance to an institution and your affordability to attend!

Who knew that if education scrapped it’s rote and merit system and wished to allow the student to pursue according to their intellectual curiosity rather than by steering them with “Degree Requirements” as set forth by the great and powerful Prez of the University they may become better people overall?

That higher education can be used to create better and smarter humans rather then a well-trained monkey knowledgeable in just ONE specific area of expertise to man the buttons of a rigged Capitalist System for measly pay is quite a shock.

I always held the belief that students need to learn WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW in pursuit of creating a better world or be helpful to my fellow humans with innovating ideas that make their lives easier, their brains more thoughtful, and their existence more acceptable and pleasing than it is today rather than jump through hoops to make mad ducats.

I’m not an “adult” yet according to my conservative professor.  You see, unfortunately, majoring in “Making The World a Better Place” shows you’re just “young, naive, and idealistic” and need to “grow up” to love a job and money.  Only then can I be considered worthy of….um…something.    


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  1. Fuck you.


    • Edger on November 4, 2009 at 00:07

    It all sounds pretty subversive and dangerous to me, and besides, TV seems to work just fine for most people, no?

  2. I was an English major, and a Geography one before that. I think the fact that I achieved a mere BA despite (and in conjunction with!) the social hazards of UCSB and Isla Vista, as well as a semi-real job, speaks volumes for my own mad hoop-jumping skillz.

    Geography wasn’t so hot for this geography nerd. Literature was fucking awesome, especially as an augmentation to the library card I’ve used since I was, like, 11.

    And being in two bands was a great lesson in how No One Will Give A Shit About Anything You Do. So there’s that.

    Jesus, my BA is now 10 years old.

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