Dear Women and LGBT Americans, Please raise HELL and ROAR LOUDER!

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    This will be a short diary, because it is not about what I think, but about what you think, dear Women and LGBT Americans. Really, the title and diary is also intended for Latino Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Muslim Americans, beasically anyone and everyone who is having their equal rights denied has a stake in this fight, and everyone else who considers themselves a freedom loving American should be fighting for EVERYONE’S rights, not jjust their own.

     So I am asking, nay, begging that American Women, LGBT Americans and everyone else who values EQUALITY and Equal rights to RAISE HELL over the current sorry state of civil rights in America, and I’m asking you to not stop until you have gotten what our founding fathers and so many after them  have fought and died for, EQUAL RIGHTS.

    More below the fold, and a call to action.

     I am a heterosexual man, yet I firmly believe in civil rights and equal rights under the Rule Of Law. Some may think that men like me have no stake in this fight, but we do if we truly beliieve in individual rights and the freedom of equality.

    I firmly believe that ALL rights and freedoms should be available to EVERYONE. Without that equality that is guaranteed by our Constitution there is NO EQUALITY, and thus there can be no freedom. If one person can have their rights denied EVERY person can have their rights denied. It is just that simple. A right delayed is a right denied, and when one group loses their rights, all groups lose their rights.

    We are currently fighting the Stupak Amendment on one front, an insidious ploy to deny women health care in the middle of a health care reform bill. WTF does not say enough. On another front, we are fighting to ensure the equal rights of the LGBT minority of Americans who are being DENIED their equal rights to marry, serve openly in our military and enjoy the American dream. On both fronts, we face the same battle, and by We I mean EVERYBODY, and that battle is for the meaning of equality in our country, because I feel with every sinew and ounce of marrow in my body that if you lose I lose. If women lose an ounce of their rights, I as a man am poorer for it. If LGBT AMericans can be denied their rights what assurance do I have that my rights might not be stripped next? United WE Stand. What part of that do some people not get?

     In a nation founded on EQUALITY this is UNACCEPTABLE, and every American should be fighting like hell along side our brothers and sisters of any sex, sexuality, race, creed or color for FULL and EQUAL rights under the rule of law. To call yourself a freedom loving American while seeking to restrict the rights of other Americans is an INSULT to the very concept oof freedom, a concept that is centered in the notion of Equality for ALL, but just as insulting, on a level, is to stand idle and do nothing while your fellow Americans are stripped of their rights and denied their equality.

     Therefore, I hope everyone will join me today in DEMANDING Equal and Civil Rights for ALL AMERICANS today, regardless of their sex, sexuality, race, religion, creed or color.

     But, to those Americans whom this specifically concerns, I implore you to YELL LOUDER, and not just LOUDER but OVER and OVER and OVER again until your voices ROAR so loud it can not be ignored, and don’t stop, never stop until you get what you deserve, freedom without limits or stipulations, equal rights and access to every institution and opportunity that is available to you, and the freedom to make ANY choice you wish without the interference of concerned fools who would deny you your freedoms in the name of some foolishness or other that they themselves do not understand. Do not just Yell, ROAR, so loud that even the White House today and the generations that follow will not be able to ignore you.

    Yell Louder! ROAR LOUDER! and I and many others who do not share in your struggle will gladly help carry your burden and fight along side you, not because I think that I am better than you, but because I think I am EQUAL to you, and if you lose, WE lose, and that can NOT be allowed to happen, not if I, or We, wish to consider ourselves truly free.

    Contact the White House Here

Or Call 202-456-1111

Contact your Senator here

Contact your House Representative here

And Give C Streeter Bart Stupak (False Idol-MI) HELL here

Email Stupidak here

Or call (231) 348-0657 and 202-225-4735

     This is a fight for EVERYONE’S rights, a fight for EVERYONE’S freedoms, and if one person can be denied their Constitutional rights, ALL people can be denied their rights.

     So ROAR LOUDER, and be heard. Give em HELL, and never give up. If you do that, I and others like me will fight alongside you.

     Brothers and Sisters, WE SHALL OVER COME!

Thank you,


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    • Robyn on November 12, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    Mostly I discovered that yelling louder only works if people are listening.  That’s why I have pretty much decided to retire from activism, while some portion of my heart might remain unbroken.

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