What does 120 People a Day look like?

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Finally a Democrat, willing to fight Fire with Fire — I mean extreme Rhetoric with Rhetoric!

Kudos to Alan Grayson who has the guts to dish back to the GOP, the same  “strong language”that they’ve been dishing out for months!!!

Whose Side Are You On?  by Alan Grayson by Alan Grayson:

Last night, I went onto the House floor and did something that the Republicans aren’t used to.  I told the truth about the Republican health care plan.  The plan is simple:

  1. Don’t get sick.

  2. If you do get sick…

  3. Die quickly.

Sounds about right! The Party of No, Knows one thing — How to say NO!

It’s not like Grayson didn’t use any Facts to back it up …

44789 / 365 = 122.7 people per day

Die for “Lack of health insurance” …

What does 120 People a Day look like, anyways?

That about what it takes to fill up 2 city buses …

120 People a Day looks like a typical Townhall Meeting (old style meetings)

Nada! Oops! See Ya!

120 People a Day looks like a small town rally

Oh well, it was nice knowing ya!

120 People a Day looks like an average College Lecture

Insurance? you don’t need no stinking Insurance — Just Don’t Get Sick!

Cold hard Facts are a funny thing — they are generally boring, and not much fun to cover. Talking about Facts is the quickest way to get most people to change the channel!

Yet Facts are what modern advanced societies — are supposed to be based on …

Here are the Facts, Alan Grayson was trying to get us to focus on:

Health Insurance and Mortality in US Adults (pdf)

Andrew P. Wilper, MD, MPH, Steffie Woolhandler, MD, MPH, Karen E. Lasser, MD, MPH, Danny McCormick, MD, MPH, David H. Bor, MD, and David U. Himmelstein, MD

[pg 1]

The United States stands alone among industrialized nations in not providing health coverage to all of its citizens. Currently, 46 million Americans lack health coverage.1 Despite repeated attempts to expand health insurance, uninsurance remains commonplace among US adults. Health insurance facilitates access to health care services and helps protect against the high costs of catastrophic illness.

[pg 6]


Lack of health insurance is associated with as many as 44789 deaths per year in the United States […] Despite widespread acknowledgment that enacting universal coverage would be life saving, doing so remains politically thorny.

At the time of this research, all authors were with the Department of Medicine at Cambridge Health Alliance, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA.

Hmmmm? Doctor’s in favor of Universal Health Care — Who Knew?

Doctors strongly In Favor of the Public Option, just like the Nation

The Facts are out there — Too bad just speaking the Facts — DOESN’T GET YOU HEARD in today’s modern “profit-based” media!

Well, when “vitriol” is the coin of the realm, Using it is one sure fire way to get heard!  Just ask Bachman, Beck, and Limbaugh, and Cantor, and Boehner, and Coburn, and Hannity and Palin and … just ask any Republican — they’re experts at this “game” …

Meanwhile, What does 120 People a Day DYING looks like, anyways?What does even 12 People a Day look like — that about the size of an average social clique

Just don’t ask your Corporate Media — because they don’t much care either … They chase scandal — Not Tragedy!

120 Stories ending each day — and no one is listening … not yet, anyways.

afterall … They’re only numbers … the Unemployed, the Uninsured, the Unnecessary Deaths

… They’re only AMERICANS!

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    • jamess on October 1, 2009 at 16:06

    time to amp it up.

  1. about the time for rhetoric to match rhetoric.  The only difference is that Grayson’s rhetoric is based on facts, whereas the Republican spin is not.  */:-D

    I wasn’t too happy with the Holocaust reference, though.  I think that takes away from a good argument, fwiw.

    • rossl on October 2, 2009 at 02:56

    Seems like it – grabs your attention with some radical progressive rhetoric, then backs it up with substance.  I’ve got to look up Alan Grayson more before I know whether I like him or not, but he seems like he could be my kind of guy.

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