Wednesday Music; for Jill and for Adam

Jill Richardson runs La Vida Locavore, a blog about food. Jill writes her heart out about the politics of food safety, and her blog has attracted gardeners and farmers and people like me, who write there too sometimes.

Jill’s brother died last year. He was in his 20’s. Jill posted an essay late this evening about Adam, about how this would have been his birthday. “What can I give him?” she wrote.

Jill’s essay is here:…

Adam died when he was 23. Jill’s essay is painful and beautiful.

I went to a concert the other day and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was so into music and he knew so much about it. He would have been happy I was going to a concert.

Below the jump is the music I posted over there. A moment of silence for a fellow blogger, please.

Incredible String Band; “Cousin Caterpillar.”

Blind Faith, “Can’t Find My Way Home;” electric version:

Laura Nyro; “And When I Die”

Randy Newman; “I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today.”

John Prine; “Angel From Montgomery”

Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton, “Ramblin’ Boy”

Portishead; “Roads.”

“Woodstock” by Joolsscott:

“Appalachia Waltz” by Yo-yo Ma, and others:

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