The Most Civil of Wars

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It was the most civil of wars in a most uncivil time.

They taught us by revulsion at the strongest of speech not to even use strong speech. They taught us to value Political Correctness above our Moral Compass. They brought out the Racist Media Showmen to influence the weak and weaken the strong. They brought out the Racist Politicians to laud abuse of one group and show how only the truly powerful could get away with it. They brought out Liars and Ideologues to shape the propaganda to support the Elites. They ridiculed and railed against even those who would protest against it even mildly. They held up a holographic mirror of deceit to us over and over, until we began to believe that image was indeed our own: Weak, powerless, divided.

The poorest in capacity soon began to hate more, addicted to the adrenalin rush of rage.

The brightest soon began to despise any rage to the point where any strong criticism of any wrong doing by anyone was taboo. “You are acting just like them,” was the Pavlovian reply, “Your rage and hate is unacceptable!” We began to believe that we could do nothing in the face of such power without becoming what we despised. There was no room left for grey. There was no room left for for truth.

We had become utterly trained to remain genteel in the face of every opposition. We lost skirmish after skirmish negotiating politely with those who held us in contempt with hatred.

We wrung our hands and muttered among ourselves, careful never to step too hard on anyone’s toes, nor miss using a Capital letter in naming a group, for fear of offending anyone. They replaced hooded abductions from old wars to social ostracization and job insecurity in this new war.

It was a rare voice that would ever address the Elephant in the room, while the PTB explained how complicated things were, and how they couldn’t help us.

No one wanted to be the first to speak aloud to it, except those of us with little at stake; those who already lost everything, those with dead end jobs no one else wanted, those in the relative safety of having chosen to live, and die, in another land.

The most Civil of Wars has been lost already.

There are two Countries living in a host/parasitic relationship in the United States.

The irony, of course, is that most have been tricked into believing that the many are the parasites of the few. That we are draining the system provided us by those who want to give us jobs and products. Those who are better educated than we. Those who understand the bigger picture.

The truth is quite the contrary.

The few live off us, without us they have nothing. They are terrified we will realize their only wealth without our labor and consumption is worthless paper.

They cannot gamble on Oil Futures, cannot trade up a barrel playing the oldest game of supply and demand there is. You cannot prostitute without a buyer. They fear us ever learning that if we refuse to buy, their trading chits are worth nothing.

It is not by accident or good luck that the Elites realized this long enough ago to corner the markets and create huge monopolies on our Health, our Utilities, our System of Debt and most of all the Media. They must keep the message out there how very powerless we are. We fear foreclosure, illness and job loss, and those threats are real; however an economy without consumers endangers them as well.

They would let many of us fall, but never all of us. The main thing they are doing is keeping us unaware that there are two countries.

Act small. Buy as little as possible and buy locally.

Think big. Yell louder and keep pointing out the cracks in the veneer between what they say, and the hard cold realities.

Give nothing. Not one hour, not one dime to any D or R politician in 2010.

If we fully REALIZE that we, the People are a Stand-alone entity, and that the Elites have only their own interests at heart, we begin the next battle.

The only battle left.

It is happening.

While we allocate billions for a pointless war of oppression on Afghan/Pakistan’s people, even those in the power structure like Matthew Hoh are beginning to abdicate on moral grounds. We the People have been against all the recent wars overwhelmingly these last few years, and this one is no exception.

While people like Huckabee publicly said “Let Palestinians find their own homeland ELSEWHERE” to the Rights Racist cheering, and the only flaw even the Left finds with it is criticism of him, American Jews are Rethinking Israel, with the majority of the young people being absolutely sickened by what is done in their name.

While the majority of Americans want Health Care, we now are fully realizing that our Politicians like Lieberman, who is deep, deep in AETNA’s pocket will do anything to serve the Elites, not the People.

There are many more indicators, but the consciousness has to grow, before we can return to power.

Right now, this internet is our largest tool, and as such Net Neutrality has garnered the largest support of anything else lately. We want the ability to go where we want, read and speak as we will.

Even, should it become threatening enough, ideas… IDEAS CANNOT BE KILLED. Ideas grow under pressure, under the very repression that proves their power.

Our words, should that happen will become more keen, our memories of the Honduras, Iran and Gaza will become much more sharp, and our resentment remembering the bonuses taken away and given back to the Elites with our dime more explosive.

We are fighting a Domestic Terrorist cell that has created their own Country right within ours, and made us fugitives and refugees on our own land.

Don’t play with them, yell louder to your allies about their uncivil acts with uncivil terms…

Save true civility for your true countrymen. Fuck being civil to your most uncivil of enemies.

Most of all, remember, your civility is their best defense.

Your Country, Your REAL Country is depending on you.



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    • Diane G on October 29, 2009 at 5:19 pm
    • Inky99 on October 29, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    Recommended, FWIW.  

    I think somebody in power realized that if you’re one of “The Rich” and I mean the super-rich elites, the way to keep control is like, say, in Mexico, where the rich are absolutely super-rich and everybody else is super-poor.

    Why?   Because super-poor people have no power.   They have to accept the scraps they are given.  

    To hell with the middle class, who needs THEM to have any power.  They might tax you.   And after getting the Bush tax cuts, hell, who would EVER want to go back to the way it used to be?!

    Gotta consolidate the gains, and to do that is to destroy the middle class of America.   They are irrelevent now, the elites are making all their money in the “emerging markets” of Asia and India.   Those places are the “new America” where the rich can capitalize on being rich.  

    And when those countries get a middle class?   Destroy them and move on.

  1. this is freaking excellent…….

  2. are at this point nothing but a distraction. Most people are too busy trying to keep afloat in the waves of oppression that wash over them to even tune in.  How long can the oppressors get away with holding up this totally insane babble of wealth and dominance which they call the American Dream while the world burns and were all broke and unable to take care of our selves and our families. A colossal gap between the rich who own our government and our real economy cannot be sustained.

    ‘This is America. We don’t disparage wealth. We don’t begrudge anybody for achieving success. And we believe that success should be rewarded’. … Obama

    I begrudge and I disparage the whole concept of success as wrecking the world for the wealth of the few. Success needs to be redefined, as well as winning. More misery so the wealthy can get their deserved rewards and were supposed to pay for it, die for it and vote for it. Really good essay DianeW. Thanks.            


  3. love to hear your voice, Diane.


  4. They’d have nothing. Nothing at all. These so-called elites would be hopeless, powerless, and helpless. If we just kept our money, or gave it only to those we really knew and trusted, they’d be stuck. They’d have nothing.

    Kudos to this essay for pointing it out. Without us, they got shit and no pot.

  5. Straight out — no “wussiness.”

    You may or may not recall a response of mine which dealt very much with the disparity of the rich and poor, at the beginning, but a little below, you will note actual “statistical figures” on the subject!

    (P.S.  Tried to get in tonight, but had to register???? I thought I already had!  Anyway, got there late and missed much (seems MoT was difficult to hear on top of it, but from the little I got it was interesting.  🙂  )

    • dkmich on October 31, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Act small. Buy as little as possible and buy locally.

    Think big. Yell louder and keep pointing out the cracks in the veneer between what they say, and the hard cold realities.

    Give nothing. Not one hour, not one dime to any D or R politician in 2010.

    This is all we can do because it is all they’ve left us. I might add not voting for them to your list.  Voting for them, only encourages them.  It allows them to pretend that we have democratic elections.  

  6. Excellent job of writing. No time right now to get into a long comment except to say I don’t think the rich have won yet.

    I think the People are just starting to wake up, and that the main struggles are yet to come. As long as there are people like you writing such strident words,

    they can’t win!

    Be well


    I don’t believe in having a safety net when making these choices and actions. They’re scary decisions and you always know you’re on the path because you can smell the fear. That’s your own fear. And you head straight for it. I guarantee it. That’s a real key I’m going to tell you there. You head for the fear. I think Gandhi, he talked about soul power, and this is what it is. It comes from your soul. It comes from being on your path. And you realize that there are things out there much bigger than your self and what you think you’ve got.

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