Grayson: “For Gods’ sake!” while weeping for the dead victims of the Insurance Cartels (Updated)

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(Updated to include all 4 videos, with a hat tip to Kossacks Scarce and Miss Information)

     Not just GUTS, but HEART too.

     After reading over 8 minutes of the testimony of the people who have lost loved ones to our Murder For Profit Health Insurance, Alan Grayson invoked the name of God and pleadedbefore Congress “For Gods’ sake, I look forward to a time when we will have finally done our jobs.”

Video 1

    I have provided a short transcript of the final video of Grayson’s House floor speech, and I hope you will forgive me for not including a transcript of the first. I can not transcribe it by ear without welling up in tears myself.

    More below the fold.

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4


    Here is a short transcript of the final video.

    “Ladies and Gentleman, I could go on and on and on. I have receieved hundreds upon hundreds of stories like this at this website These are the stories of America. These are the stories of the who are suffering, and people who sent us to Washington D.C. to solve their problems for them. Not to debate, not to delay, but to keep them alive.

    Now, the reason why I read these stories is this; again, as Lincoln said, in talking about these people, is their loved ones who speak best for them. As Lincoln said at the Gettysberg address; “It is far beyond my poor power to add or detract, rather, it is for the living to be dedicated here for the unfinished work for which these people have died.“, and that, my friends, is the unfinished work of Universal Health Care in America. That is our unfinished work. And I look forward to a day that I hope wil come very soon, not soon enough for all these people, all these people who’ve died, but a day to come very soon when there will be no more stories like this, when there will be no more names to add to the website, and for Gods’ Sake, I look forward to a time when we will have finally done our jobs.

    Despite all of the fake outrage, (and apologies, but by Fake Outrage I do not mean the righteous outrage on the left, rather I mean the Fake Outrage on the right by those who defend Corporate Rape and every other form of sexism that they can get away with) over calling an Enron Lobbyist a Corporate Whore* (* a venal or unscrupulous person), Alan Grayson seems to be one of the only people in Congress from either party who is more concerned with the suffering human beings who are DYING because of America’s health care crisis, rather than how much it will cost or whether it is fair enough to the insurers who have caused this disaster.

    Last night alpolitics posted a diary detailing how Bill O’Reilly and the Republiican LIE FACTORY is already going after Alan Grayson The Republican party and their media goons will be gunning for Alan Grayson with everything they have got. Yes, he does have a downside, but isn’t the upside of a Democrat with GUTS and Heart worth supporting? Grayson is a flawed human being and far from perfect, but Damn It, if we can not support a fighter like Grayson, don’t we deserve the vichy Dems we will be left with?


    Donate  here for Alan Grayson with Act Blue to keep a Democrat with GUTS and HEART in Congress for years to come

     For all of his faults, for all of the valid criticism about Alan Grayson, I would rather have a flawed, human Democrat with Guts and Heart than all of the vichy Dems in the world.

Cheers for GUTS and Heart.



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  1. we need more of it, and for all his flaws, I would trade almost any Dem in Congress for another Alan Grayson in a heart beat.

  2. Did they finally dig up some dirt on the man?

    What I can’t believe is no one in Congress is backing him. How can they let him fight alone? The Dems are truly a bunch of spineless cowards.

  3. a pol who does what he’s supposed to, has a soul and doesn’t play the game of pretending that the assorted crooks who have taken over the government are anything but whores and bribers, has to apologize. Quite a change from the hearings I watch on CSPAN where the dog and pony show between our so called representatives and the real owners go through the laughable mockery of investigations.

    At least this is good theater and this showman (which all pols are) has a soul and a brain. If there were more like him the whole charade would fall apart. Much better then Obama’s ‘Insurance CEO’s are good people’ or HRC’s ‘Lobbyists are people too.’ They may be people but they are whores or pimps and they prey on us. I’m glad that this congress person is taking them on. A colorful populist with a spine should not apologize for speaking up and exposing the hypocrites who sit in our halls of government and call it the people’s business. I just hope he keeps it coming.          

  4. We need to help him, too!

    This, received in an e-mail from Cong. Robert Wexler:

    Help support Rep. Alan Grayson against attacks.

    Dear Friends,

    In my time in Congress, I’ve never been afraid to say what I believed needed to be said, even when I knew that the response would be intense.

    Taking on the opponents of healthcare reform and accountability may be politically risky, but thankfully, there are members who are willing to put themselves in the firing line to speak for what’s right.

    One of these members is Alan Grayson.

    Next week, the Grayson campaign is planning a “money bomb” on November 2nd, in which supporters come together for a single day of campaigning.

    Support Alan Grayson  – donate to his campaign by clicking here.  

    Congressman Grayson doesn’t mince words and perhaps that’s a bit shocking to some in DC.

    Long an advocate against fraud and abuse of government, Grayson has been fighting companies that have literally tossed away (or lost) billions of taxpayer dollars.

    His recent push for healthcare reforms have made national news, as he outlines the moral obligation we have to pass substantive healthcare reform.

    Don’t wait for election day:  Help Grayson this week by contributing here.

    I may not say things the same way.  I may not agree with every position Rep. Grayson takes.  But one thing is for certain – we need people like him in Congress.

    Let’s help keep him there.


    Congressman Robert Wexler

    Donate to Rep. Alan Grayson here.

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