Spotlight on Prisons; special Les Miserables edition

I found out from new pioneer this evening that there are all these great YouTube videos out (and have been for some time) of the Les Miserables Broadway play.

We’ll start out with “Work Song” and go from there. You can easily find more of these YouTubes by searching for “Les Miserables” on YouTube.  

These are just some samples, but the first two are especially within the context of my Spotlight on Prisons project.


work song

the confrontation

on my own

at the end of the day


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    • Miep on October 8, 2009 at 11:26

    and tips for remembering whoever got it together to get this stuff out on YouTube.

    “Look down, look down,

    don’t look ’em in the eye.

    Look down, look down,

    you’re here until you die.

    “The sun is strong,

    it’s hot as hell below

    Look down, look down

    There’s twenty years to go.”

    “I’ve done no wrong,

    Sweet Jesus hear my prayer,”

    Look down, look down,

    Sweet Jesus doesn’t care.

    “I know she’ll wait

    I know that she’ll be true.

    Look down, look down

    they’ve all forgotten you.

    “When I get free

    you won’t see me

    ‘ere for dust.”

    Look down, look down,

    Don’t look ’em in the eye,

    “How long, oh Lord?

    Before you let me die?”

    Look down, look down,

    You’ll always be a slave.

    Look down, look down,

    You’re standing in your grave.

    “Look down, look down,

  1. here’s another … one of my favorites together with ‘on my own’ that you’ve presented above. I could spend all morning here in this diary just listening – but my kitchen sprung a leak and I had to shut off the water until I can get to the hardware store…and my other half is screaming about not being able to sit on his throne…I told him to just go shit in the woods, but that didn’t go over too well…I better get to fixin’

    • Miep on October 10, 2009 at 12:01

    this was the finale

    I can’t stop looking at these.

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