Sometimes You’re the Warrior, and Sometimes You’re the Bug

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Most of us, I suspect, go through our lives with this niggling little feeling of “if only” we had our act together, we could really do something with it.  Or do something better.  If only we were more organized, had more energy, better tools and gidgets, or had taken a different course of study, or if our parents didn’t hate us, or if we hadn’t gotten sick, or if the car hadn’t come over the center line….

Other times, like a Phoenix, we arise from what should have just been one flat out disaster that we should not, no way, no how, have survived, and yet we did, leaving us puzzled as to why.  We had a chainsaw and gas when the tree hit the car, we trusted our instincts, our tracking skill, and our horse and found the trail back, we came up to the edge of the cliff and… didn’t fall off, the seat belt held and the embankment wasn’t too steep, the life jacket worked and somebody pulled us out.  Or we pulled them out.  We traded for firewood and didn’t freeze to death.  We found a job or received a gift unexpectedly, just in time.  We were in the depths, and bounced just so, and came back up gasping.

And still, have this little insecurity. It could be better, right?  We got through the week, clawing, kicking, and screaming, resigned to just surviving the dreadful thing…  the ogre bosses, the obligations, the whiny relatives,  the disappointments, the crazy destructiveness of our political system, waking up at 4am exhausted, now,not having to do that soul killing monotony for a day … What if…

….  Read this part first.  I’m going to copy and paste it here, because I suspect it won’t be up in its original form, much longer.

   Let’s face it, in our culture (no matter what people say), uniqueness is not rewarded.

   When you were in kindergarten, you were taught to color inside the lines. When it was time to snack, you snacked, and when it was time to take a nap, you took a nap.

   Conformity was a highly-rewarded virtue.

   In elementary school, it became even more important to be just like everyone else. If you dressed a little differently, you were laughed at. If you spoke funny, you were ridiculed. And God forbid you had your own ideas and opinions…

   In high school and college, it became absolutely critical to fit in… But by this time, you were good at it. You knew what was expected of you, and if there was any way you could, you delivered.

Well boys and girls, it’s time for a wake-up call…

   Look around-who’s really making it?

   Who are the movers and shakers?

   My goodness… Yesterday’s biggest nerd is today’s richest man in the world (and he doesn’t even have a college degree). Do you think he colored inside the lines? Hardly.

   So here you are, attempting to achieve your heart’s desires, and all you’ve ever been trained to do is stay within the lines and do what everyone else does.

   You want more?

   You can’t just do more to get more… you’ve got to do things differently. That’s the difference between winners and also-rans.

   In Spiritual Warrior, you’ll build upon what you started in Practical Mysticism. You’ll become privy to techniques (many kept secret for dozens of generations) that I searched out in the mountains of Peru, the jungles of the Amazon (and a few other places I don’t care to recall).

   Mastering these (quite esoteric) practices required me to think and act more differently than I’ve ever had to before. At first it was quite grueling, but the results…well…all I can say is, “Wow!”

   It wasn’t until I had completely mastered these concepts and techniques that I was able to combine them with state of the art scientific technology and, as always, create practical real-life applications (you should know my style by now).

Check it out:

You’ll accelerate the releasing of your limitations and push yourself past your self-imposed and conditioned borders (no more coloring inside the lines)…

You’ll carve out your own destiny and quickly develop the strength and determination to live it…

You’ll learn (and apply) the awesome power of “integrity of action”…  

You will (perhaps for the first time in your life), have a gut level understanding of “The Four Enemies of Power.” You’ll learn to recognize them at a glance, and instantly defeat them when they arise…

You’ll define and enforce your own boundaries-without someone else telling you what they should be…

You’ll experience a new technologically-enhanced form of meditation that creates new neurological pathways, allowing you to experience powerful whole-brain thinking (this one’s gonna knock your socks off)…

You’ll experience, at the spiritual level, the ancient methodologies of Samurai Warriors; and gain a true understanding of the authority and strength that come from a life of honor…  

   Look, you’ve most probably spent your whole life staying within the lines to get what you’ve got (or at least a major portion of it). Join me outside the lines in this heroic quest for higher consciousness…

There is no sacrifice-only greater and more magnificent results, wealth, adventure and fulfillment.

  You owe it to the rest of your life to get to Spiritual Warrior as quickly as you can. The investment is ONLY $9695 per person.

1. Quantity  1

2. Select Event Date   Sedona, AZ, (Sept 18-23, 2010)…

No, that bolded part wasn’t a typo.

For just under  $2000 per day, for 5 days, you could have been trundled around the Sedona landscape, exercised and fed and lectured,  and at the end, stuffed into a windowless hut covered with… plastic tarps, and had boiling water poured over rocks, and been told that one could have purities released and a spiritual cleansing, if one was just willing to be overheated and sweaty for 2 more hours.

Plastic tarps.

PHOENIX – A sauna-like sweat lodge at an Arizona resort meant to provide spiritual cleansing became the scene of a police investigation Friday when more than a dozen people became ill during a two-hour session and two later died.

In all, 21 of the 64 people crowded inside the sweat lodge Thursday evening received medical care at hospitals and a fire station. Four remained hospitalized Friday evening – one in critical condition and the others in fair condition

Among those sickened were a middle-aged man and a woman who were unconscious, according to a 911 call, and a third person who was found not breathing.

The structure used Thursday was crudely built and covered with tarps and blankets.…

I mourn those people who didn’t trust their other instincts.  The ones that said, maybe, paying $2000 a day was a bit funky for “spiritual” enlightenment.  Or that it was a little too crowded, and it’s always okay to not want to stay to the end of the movie.

All of them, now, are cursed. They have to be thinking, the survivors, not that they busted their asses hiking around up and down and chanting in exhilaration,  and meditating and learning how to fight in the best spirit of capitalism, but how they were in there sweating away, while other people quietly died next to them….   and they didn’t even notice.  


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  1. …. when I persisted in trying to accomplish something outside when it’s 114ºF in the shade.  I just hope if I keel over sometime at least it was in the middle of something useful.

    I do meditate.    But when did those people forget that humans need oxygen?

  2. Spiritual Peruvian Amazonian Sweat Lodge Samurai Warriors.

    Hoooooo boy.

    I haven’t seen a bigger con job in action since the guy who named his bogus investment/hedge fund “Agape World”, the word Agape meaning “the love of God”.

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