Sen. Graham vs Screaming Beckerheads! RINO hunt in a shrinking party = EPIC DISASTER for GOP

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A few months ago our fellow blogger at DKos KingOneEye (or NewsCorpse as he is known at Docudharma) wrote a diary titled FOX NEWS is Killing the Republican Party which posited that the far right media and their meat puppets like Beck, O’Reilly and Hannity, along with Rush and other assorted assknuckles, were pushing a shrinking party into a purity purge that they can not win elections with.

    Well, now we need wait no longer. That massive implosion of knuckle dragging wingnut vs Republican moderate wingnut enabler has gone critical mass. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.

Transcript and more below the fold

     Only a week or so after insulting Republican party leader and all around dingbat Glenn Beck, Senator Lindsey Graham has become a RINO in the eyes of hateful, purity loving wingnut teabagging morans.

    The summer of hate has come and gone, but the people who love to hate anyone who doesn’t think just like them don’t seem to want it to end.

    While shouting “Sotomayor!” and “Ron Paul!” wingnuts yelled at Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who had the audacity to say mean things about Glenn Beck lately and voted for Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

    I submit to you, dear prorgessives, that this is a total WIN for us, as a RINO hunt in a shrinking party is an EPIC DISASTER for the GOP.

    More on the video above from the invaluable

KIMBALL: This is for every RINO who has failed to represent us. […] [the toilet represents] flushing them, flushing them.

    One attendee of the event asked the senator, “when are you going to announce that you are switching parties?” The question drew loud applause from the crowd. Graham defended himself, and denounced the influence of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) on the Republican party:

GRAHAM: I’m going to grow this party, I’m not going to let it get [inaudible], I’m not going to let it be hijacked by Ron Paul. […] I’m going to find people in Maine, Delaware, Illinois, other places-

AUDIENCE: Move there!

GRAHAM: That can win as Republicans, and I’m going to go up, and we’re going to move this party, and this country forward, and if you don’t like it, you can leave.

    What’s more, has even more from the same event Sen. Lindsey Graham attended.

    A man wearing a “Don’t Tread On Me” shirt shouts Glenn Beck talking points about Article 1 Section 9 of the Constitution, the same one that Beck used to justify harsh immigration penalties while unwittingly endorsing slavery. As Graham explained the need to work WITH Democrats in order to fix America and win elections outside of the south tea bagging wingnuts barraged him with criticism.

    Graham had committed the sin of admitting that Climate Change is a Problem we should work on. His great offense; working with Senator John Kerry for an answer.

    We are witnessing the demise of the conservative movement, at least in the form we have known it until now. Forget Olympia Snowe, when Lindsey Graham is considered a RINO you have no where else to go but Jim DeMint and the fire breathing idiocy of the far far far far right. It’s not like South Carolina is San Francisco, it is as conservative as it gets there. Worse for the GOP, if they can’t pander to a GOP friendly South Carolina crowd what chance do they have in Delaware or anywhere outside of the Confederacy? Young voters nationwide are as likely to embrace the chastity of social and fiscal conservativism the party of George Bush still sells as they are likely to start a harp fad on MTV. For the forseeable future things will NOT be pretty in this shrinking, sad and stupid tent of wingnuts, science haters, racists and lunatics.

    As the right wing noise machine spits rhetoric about Nazi’s, Socialism, and Death Panels, the sane Republicans who are still left (if you can call people like Lindsey Graham and Joe Scarborough sane) realize that they can NOT win nationally with Glenn Beck and FOX in charge, nor do they want Ron Paul and a non Corporatist anti war movement in charge. They are pretty much screwed. The moderates in the GOP are being purged out, and they can NOT win elections with Beck, Rush and Jim DeMint leading the way. The summer of hate where the loudest wingnut had his mindless way has come and gone, but the FOX news inspired anger is still there and getting to be too much for the GOP to control.

     What comes next? Will the GOP split and keep the moderates while pushing out the loons, or voce versa? Most likely the GOP will remian in the wolderness for a long long time, because it seems like it will be years before they find a new voice other than NOOOO! and YAAARGGHHH!

     But as long as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are in charge and not the NRC Chairman or Moderate, electable party officials, the wilderness will be cold and harsh for the party of “NOOOOO!!!!”

     Grab the popcorn. If you think THIS is bad, just WAIT until the 2012 primaries.

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  1. get more popcorn, this is going to be long and get ugly


  3. what the republican party is loosing is actually going to the third anti-globalist Alex Jones type rag tag group.  Would not take much to unite 911 truthers, anti-globalists, Ron Paulites etc.  We hate Glen Beck and the other establishment neo-cons for marginalizing the issues thus keeping them below establishment media’s “you can’t ignore this” levels.

  4. Could it split at some point of GOP decline into bluedog dems and goodguy dems.(that be us) Which existing third party could the goodguy or bluedog or GOP partner with to gain control?

    Come on guys, you all have those spreadpage things. Being of the auditing team I cannot participate. B eep me when you get it down to seven possibilities.

    I did not want to bring this up but I am running a little short of ponies.

  5. instead of taunting, we should be feeding them correct analysis.  While of course the majority of them will reject it, some are becoming radicalized and being served with correct radical analysis like:  “What’s driving Lindsay Graham is that he is first and foremost a corporatist.  Whatever serves to concentrate power and wealth in an ever-narrower elite is the course he will follow, and it makes no difference whether us little folks identify as “left” or “right” the very fact is that we are the small and disempowered, and that’s just the way corporate hacks like Lindsay Graham and [insert ConservaDem here] and their corporate sponsors want it.”

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