Roundabout Monday (Open Thread)


I’ve been on the phone all morning with a whole lotta cluck and clatter.

Don’t dessert me now, Dharmanauts!! 🙂


The muses dance and sing

They make the children really ring

I’ll spend the day your way

Call it morning driving thru the sound and

In and out the valley…..

Raining here.



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  1. advice from Betty Sue:

  2. well it doesnt want to embed.

    here try this


    Here’s some biographical info about her, and this is her foundation.

    Founded by singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie in 1969 as a very specific non-profit educational organization, the Nihewan Foundation has helped significantly to educate both Indian and non-Indian educators and students. But the road to college – from reservation grade school through graduation – is underfunded. As well, accuracy about Native American cultures needs to be available to all students at all grade levels. This is the work of the Nihewan Foundation.

  3. here in PR… but at least it gives me the chance to stay indoors and get online for a while.  

    • TMC on October 13, 2009 at 2:41 am

    Life and death. The Wheel Turns. Tonight, I mourn with a friend who has lost his 28 year old son to a disease that is ignored in this country, obesity and for a friend and colleague who has lost his battle with cancer all too soon, leaving a wife and two children to go on without him.  My heart breaks for them tonight. Light a candle for them tonight.

     Blessed Be. May the Goddess guide them on their journey to the Summerlands. May their families, friends and all of us find Peace. Blessed be. The Wheel Turns  

  4. cheer up some people…I dunno.  I just like it & it makes me want to smile:


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