Plato’s Cave-You’re In It

Long ago Plato wrote about a cave all the slaves had to live in.  It is the same situation today.  The establishment just does not want people to emerge from the cave.

From several witnesses NASA clearly knows that not only earth but the entire solar system is warming up.  The bottom of the Pacific Ocean is heating up.  The ice cores were indeed sampled for far more things than CO2.  Bacteria have been found inside nuclear reactors.  Unknown machines have been found in ancient ruins and they know about locations on the earth which swallow up both ships and planes without a trace.  How about the anciet city on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Bermuda.  You have been kept in the dark, the cave.

See David Wilcock at Project

Big false protest by media over the exclusion of Fox News?  Bullshit.  How about at least 33 years of blacklisted news topics?

No, US media, I am not a demented five year old sheeple.  I use your reports only to plan my life around the misery of the day you do bring.  The anti-New World Order sites are at least six months ahead of conventional news but even here none of them warned me about the swine vaccine coming in either nasal spray and mercury shots.  At least I don’t remember seeing it.  Here again finally obsolete American Pravda Press is beginning to cover “Illuminati” topics, Fox News only, the “villified” news network.

Just go to youtube and watch Fall of the Republic.

Does 2012 mean the end of the world?  No, it means the beginning.  We get to evolve into something even Rush Limbaugh will feel the love of and move on.  We get to be like X-men, all of us.  

The Kingdom of God lies within.

Look in the mirror, you are the messiah.


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    • Edger on October 25, 2009 at 15:09

    I hope that doesn’t mean they’re going to crucify me, does it?

  1. We’re doing the best we can as we can afford it, is one problem.

    Another problem is the snake oil freedom salesmen standing by the door of the cave selling T shirts and pins and banners, who are convincing you that by walking around in the light of the mouth of the cave wearing and waving these things you are somehow accomplishing something.

    What you end up accomplishing is that you get exercise, you get to experience the sun shining for a little bit before the jackbooted thugs waiting outside shove you back in the cave, you are that much poorer for your time and money and the salesman that much richer.

    That’s it.

  2. Light hearted mostly humorous comments.  All you need is love, and you guys got it.

    What is the definitive answer.  Well I have not a fucking clue but even if they crucify your physical body youstill have your eternal soul fighting the good fight from the time space dimension.

    It is only an unavoidable renaissance.

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