On ratings.

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Ex Cathedra.

Yup, Pope ek the first is speaking for the church tonight and you better listen up.


If there is a rating you are free to give it.

Pony means ‘Excellent’, or ‘I read this’.

Wrong means ‘Your comment makes me question your motives and/or intelligence.

Read it and weep.

Hide is for hate speech and fighting words, not mere disagreement.

You will not be suspended for being hidden, or offensive, or for ratings abuse.

That merely draws attention to you.

Nor does ‘be excellent to each other, or else’ mean you can’t disagree and it doesn’t protect you from those who disagree with you.

All suspensions are administrative.


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  1. Controversy is allowed on this blog.

    Nobody gets a free pass

    • Miep on October 11, 2009 at 05:20

    Buhdy told me once on naranja that DocuDharma is a collective. Does that mean that no one person has totalitarian control over the blog?

    • Miep on October 11, 2009 at 05:21
  2. and accept, for the most part, the individual views of others.  That’s a good thing that should be encouraged and nurtured.  

  3. and more importantly, where is Night Owl with the Overnight Caption Contest? Does he have Saturday nights off or something?

  4. Photobucket


    Make your own Pope Card here!

  5. Pony



    Or what I get


    I still don’t get it

    Death threats

    Obviously I am mistaken

    What planet you from

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