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    O.K., there’s a confluence of a few things here.  First of all, it’s been a while, so I hope that y’all will be all “Prodigal Son” about me and such.  My fingers are crossed on that.  Second, many of you know, some of you don’t, Mu = BenGoshi (over at Orange) and BenGoshi = Mu (here).  Nothing scandalous.  Just when I signed up here a year and a half ago I wanted a sort of “clean slate” with my writings and opinions.  I still do.  So that’s “self-outing” No. 1.  Third, yesterday I put up a diary on Orange (which is pretty much re-done below for y’all, but this D’Dharma one’s better.  Really.) wherein I gave out an email address, but told all readers that I didn’t want to provide or link directly to personal information, as I wanted to keep some semblance of anonymity.  Well, some nimrod thought it’d be cute to google me up and post that info in the diary thread.  Eventually I think that Meteor Blades wiped all that, but I can still view the hidden threads so I’m not really sure.  Anyway, that’s all to say that I was “outed” on Orange yesterday, but am really, really sure no one here would do that, for which I thank you in advance.  


    Now for the fun stuff (again, many of you who do Orange saw this yesterday.  Consider it a “cross post” . . . with some minor updates).

     I’ve put together two (2) small group trips for Japan, for this coming spring and I’m inviting anyone interested in going to contact me via:   letsjapan@yahoo.com



     Priests at Kurodani Temple, just after morning Sutras.  Kyoto.  2007.



     Yasaka Pagoda.  Kyoto.  2008


 Please follow me below the fold and, note:  all photos are mine.



     These will not be exclusively “Docudharma Trips” (or Orange ones), but y’all seem pretty damn cool, so the invite goes out.  One person from Orange sounds like a “definite maybe”, which would be great.  And, even if this is not doable for you right now (completely understandable), please feel free to contact me anyway about my Japan blog so that I can give you the link and all and you can pass it on to others, as you see fit to.

     Politics?  Well, not so much — unless you think that spending 1 or 2 weeks exploring the sites and history and food and scenes and culture of the world’s second largest economy (which is in a state of some turmoil owing to China’s and India’s rise and its plateuing-out population) could bring you some benefit of insight.


    Friends along the Kamo River.  Kyoto.  2003.


     I’ve organized a 2-week trip (for the last of March, early April), and a 1-week trip (for mid-April), both going to very, very familiar “stomping grounds” for me in and around the Kyoto, Osaka, Nara area of Japan, in the heart of the Kansai Region.  I’m considering a couple-day Tokyo add-on, but that’s not in the itinerary’s at the moment.  I’m open to that, though.


    Making “Hiroshima Style” okonomiyaki at To-ji Temple Flea Market.  Kyoto.  2003.



    I have a website/blog which goes in to great detail itinerary-wise, About Me and (excruciatingly detailed) background, and, of course, my contact information, which I’ll be very happy to share with you if you’ll email me at:


    As mentioned above, I’d still like to keep a modicum of anonymity here at Docudharma, otherwise I’d just post that link and my name right here.  But you’re just one email away from that.



    “Zori” (sandals) at Sekizan Zen’in Temple, just north of Kyoto.  2008.


    To reiterate a point:  even if either of these trips are not in your budget (which is completely understandable, these days especially), I invite you to contact me and get my website/blog link so that you can take a web-based trip to Japan, through photos and writings, without having to spend a dime or leave the comfort of your office, coffee shop or kitchen table.

Given that I’m an attorney, both trips will carry numerous Waivers, Hold Harmless Agreements, Releases and other CYA language for me, the Organizer. ;0)  Sign at Heian Jingu Strolling Garden.  Kyoto.  2001.



    Restaurant.  Harajuku, Tokyo.  2007.



    Getting on towards sunset.  Kyoto.  2003.


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    • Mu on October 3, 2009 at 2:16 pm


    . . . but — as mentioned in the Essay-proper above — also features (surprise) Photo Galleries, non-fiction short stories (no need to make up anything when the facts are so fun and weird… and sometimes tragic), and all sorts of stuff on Japan (on the Front Page, and previous, archived Front Pages).

    Mu’Goshi . . .

    • RiaD on October 3, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    alas, my health will not allow such a trip.

    y’all have fun & post a photo-heavy essay when you return!


  1. I LOVE BenGoshi! 🙂

    (one of these days Ill learn the code for that little heart.)

    nice to see you here. Will go back and read now. My husband might be interested in this, he plays shakuhachi.

    • Heather on October 4, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    I’d trust you the most to lead a trip.

    maybe someday.

    So I guess I’ll just do it from your blog like i do all my other trips overseas. At least I won’t have to go through security so that is good.

    And I’m really sorry that guy crapped all over your orange diary. I think he’s gone for good.

    I’m a little surprised that you didn’t use a less obvious email account on a place as huge as that one.

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