9/11 and the Revolution

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What do we have to work with here?  We’re faced with a federal government that is corporate owned and leading our country to third world status, relative to a large percentage of the population.  U.S. imperialism is unchanged from the previous administration and actually expanding.   Greed has completely taken over all facets of our controlled existence.  The entire system has been set up and manipulated by a very small minority of people who have no interest in the welfare of the common person.  The comparison of serfs to nobility is more apt than ever.  The political party duopoly is so ingrained that any third party challenge on the national stage is easily brushed aside.   Our supposed democracy is certainly no longer that.  

We have to find a way to bring the common citizen to the table.  Our current system of government, not unlike most in the world, is simply too skewed toward the wants of the few versus the needs of the many.   What do we have to work with?   The common citizen is still too apathetic to get involved in pressuring our politicians.  That task is left to a small percentage of activists.  Phone calls, petitions, whatever efforts are made, are simply too small to make any difference.

We know our government systems are corrupt.  We know Wall Street, big banks and the Federal Reserve have effectively stolen the wealth from the majority and given it to the few.  We know the illegal attacks and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan were mounted for corporate and imperialist interests, not because of terrorists.  We know the reason we can’t get single payer health care reform is because of the corporate plutocracy that has completely taken over the Congress and Senate.   We know the reason the term “jobless recovery” was floated in the first place was to get the populace accustomed to the fact that it will indeed be, a jobless recovery, i.e, the rich get richer and the rest of us take a step back, or two.

How can we possibly break this system?  What do we have to work with?  Challenging a government requires big numbers, on the same basic page.  Challenging this government would require nothing short of a full spectrum dominance from the citizens.   The small numbers on the internet, working to spread the word while preaching to the choir,  are not going to have enough of an impact to do anything but delay a decision that we won’t have a public option, let alone challenge the entire premise of modern day U.S. government.  

American citizens by and large like the soap opera, action hero, drama thing as trained by our media.  Perhaps a full frontal assault on 9/11 resulting in a revelation of the true story would wake enough citizens from their acquiescent slumber to demand an end to business as usual.  What better drama could capture the audience than one that includes a conspiracy of global proportions.  I come to this with an air of impatience and a realization that something spectacular needs to happen before citizens can reclaim their country.   My impatience comes from reviewing other options.  Those such as working locally to elect more and better democrats, urging more citizens to get involved in contacting and pressuring politicians, or working toward third party legitimacy seem like peripheral efforts of no consequence when considering the state of the country and the world.   My realization comes from knowing those efforts are by and large fruitless.  

The only other possible option I’ve seen is waiting until things get so fucking bad that the citizens are forced into a revolution.   Wait until conditions get so bad that people will finally fight back.  Personally I’d prefer not to get to that point.  That would mean much suffering and I have children and grandchildren who I would prefer not have to go through something like that.  

What we know is our government is corrupt and our politicians are controlled by money.    Most citizens already inherently realize this but don’t have a common issue they can focus on.  Perhaps if the truth was revealed for all to see that our government was involved in the intentional murder of 3000 American citizens to further the agenda of imperialism and wealth transfer, the citizens would finally have had enough and avoid a revolution based on desperation.  

I’m throwing this out there because of Charlie Sheen.  I watched a video of him tonight and he seems to be  sticking to his guns on his questioning of 9/11.   Considering his high profile and that he could easily stay silent and enjoy his money, I have to applaud that.  It’s not like I needed convincing by Charlie Sheen however.  I’ve read pretty much everything out there and watched all the videos, so I already have an adverse opinion of the “official government version”.   But he made me think again about the whole deal.   Based on what I’ve learned, I can’t accept the “official government version” and believe those involved included our own government.  And if our own government was involved and it can be proven to the citizens of the U.S. and the world, that just might be the path we can take to challenge the machine that controls us.  



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    • Underdog on October 20, 2009 at 06:41

    I can’t hear a word they’re saying.

  1. People need to wake up to the fact that media talks to you like a demented five year old.  You and I might know it is a mind control thing but too many sheeple still believe.  I have found opportunities to beat the shit out of em with their own propaganda using the wearechange methods.  

    We need to get behind the government and get to their corporate masters, fuck up their cash cows and stop buying the things that won’t protect you anyway.

    Politicians are chasing false paradigms.  Why?  Because they have to persue “popular” issues.  Who drives these issues?  Corporate media does so when you write to media,politicians,your local board of health whomever all you need do is hold the best of Alex Jones paradigms of world destruction in mind to put them in their rightful place.  I mean you don’t even really have to believe there is an evil globalist machine devouring the United States deliberately on purpose but if you live that,endorse that it does change your thinking.  

    911 is now a viral globalist common theme with still nary a mention from M$M. The impossible conventional “In this post 911 world” fallacy enjoys “bipartisan” support including military takeovers of domestic US small towns.

    Do the unconventional, be unconventional, live unconventional in promoting a hunker in the bunker attitude toward everything.  Get off the electronic surveillance grid much as possible.  Hold the media assholes feet to the fire with outright contempt.  Complain to the FCC that you local stations are not bastions of freedom in serving your community.

  2. I think it is best separate WTC 1,2 &7 from the Pentagon, for now.

    The WTC has 99% more solid evidence than the Pentagon strike. I do think the Pentagon event is fishy but should be not lumped together with the WTC “attack”.

    • Arctor on October 20, 2009 at 16:27

    up at least…otherwise Puppet Obama and his masters will be totally unchecked!

    • banger on October 20, 2009 at 16:29

    All politics is a question of balance — you can’t change too fast because that creates instability and chaos and you can’t stop changing altogether or you are unable to react to new conditions and you become so rigid you die. Left, right and center are necessary for this society. The problem is that the left has gradually become a chorus of “it’s not fair” on the sidelines of real political life. We blame the pols — but people don’t get that they just react to the real balance of forces. If you aren’t in the game how do you expect to be taken seriously. The refusal by progressives to look at 9/11 is pure cowardice and the powerful see that and treat us with the contempt we deserve.

    • Inky99 on October 20, 2009 at 18:09

    Charlie Sheen came into the picture.

    I really think anything associated with Alex Jones should be avoided.  He’s not exactly a trustworthy figure, nor is he someone worthy of our time.

    And Sheen is just a tool of Alex Jones these days.

    • icosa on October 21, 2009 at 01:12

    911 is the Key.  The selection of bush was the catalyst.  People have to see the lies that are fed to us daily.  I get so tired of all the documentaries and movies played every anniversery of 911 to reinforce this, the biggest Lie, ever perpetuated on the American people.  Until 911 is exposed as an inside job, we will forever be the laughing stock of the world.  Everything done in the name of 911 has been evil.  911, 911, 911, god I tire of it.

  3. Some information is coming out about NYCCAN’s future plans now that a Supreme Court judge has put the kibosh on the endeavor to get a vote for a new investigation on the city ballot this November. I will be writing this up in an essay today or tomorrow.

  4. As tax payers we contribute to the budget of the CIA.

    Should we not have the right, as tax payers, to post about 9/11 on a CIA controlled web site?

    On a related topic, who do we thing are the most complicit left gate keepers regarding the coverup of the 9/11 inside job?

    Perhaps we can show some of the same energy as above in calling out those that pretend to be both progressive and sentient and at the same time support the official conspiracy theory.

    Who do you think are the most (superficially) effective covert operatives?

  5. “The Truth Shall Set You Free. So will pork and beans.” — my dad.

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