Wild Card Caption Contest! DONE !

FDL’s Slinkerwink has an action diary up on the rec list now at the orange with a new idea inside it. Cool idea. Slinkerwink plans to create a youtube slideshow.

I’ve got plenty of real estate left (especially on my left cast)!


Slinkerwink is asking for photos for a slideshow:

Will you please join me in the new media project by following these two simple steps below?

1. Take a picture of yourself with a sign explaining why you want a trigger-free public option.

2. You can e-mail the picture to me at pleasehelpfreebarneythedog at gmail dot com.

Once I have the pictures, I’ll work on creating a web video with these pictures showing the need for a trigger-free public option, and I’ll upload it to Youtube. I’ll need your help in making it viral, so I’ll be posting it on Dkos when my work with that is done.

Here is my comment to her over there.

So. What should I say on mine?

Should I just hold a sign, with my encasted arms? or go for it and write a message right onto the cast itself? Talk about YELLING LOUDER! I expect I’ll have these on for another couple of weeks at least. (P.S. I do NOT want my face in the pic!!)

I go back to the Clinic this Friday, Sept 18th, for follow up. Im not sure how they’d react there, lol. It is a “free clinic” after all, even Im not poor enough to qualify for free, they’re still treating me. (Its the hospital O/P clinic.) One of these days, Ill write about the whole experience, it was a trip.

Anyway… I’m conflicted. I want to support the “No Trigger, P.O.” cause and all, but, universal health care is what I really want. HR676. Medicare For All. I generally don’t “do” LTE’s and such, but in this circumstance… a picture should be worth a thousand words or so, no? ha ha

Any bright ideas?


Done ! ! !

PO now1


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  1. Photobucket

    • Edger on September 14, 2009 at 20:50


    But publicly advocating violence in Congress would probably not be a very good idea, eh?

  2. man, her diary turned into a mess of crap with the attacks. I can’t stand that shit.


    • jamess on September 15, 2009 at 03:41

    NO More “Pre-existing Conditions” —

    Get rid of those Insurers!

    Perhaps more a bumpersticker

    than a Cast Caption, lol.

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