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Wed Sep 12, 2007 at 07:00:00 PDT

Fri Sep 12, 2008 at 07:00:00 PDT

Welcome New Users to DocuDharma.  We expect there will be a lot of you today.

DocuDharma is a Soapblox blog with Ajax comments.  If you’re here from someplace else like My Left Wing or Never In Our Names I expect most of our controls will be familiar to you.  If you’re visiting from Daily Kos or Booman Tribune some of them may be confusing.

Any HTML that works at Daily Kos will also work here.  There are no fancy format buttons or autoformatting shortcuts (*bold* for instance), no ordered or unordered lists either.  Here is a table of the most common formatting tags-

Formatting Tags

    Bold          == <b><⁄b> == <b>Bold<⁄b>

    Italic        == <i><⁄i> == <i>Italic<⁄i>

    Underline     == <u><⁄u> == <u>Underline<⁄u>

    Strikethrough == <s><⁄s> == <s>Strikethrough<⁄s>

Linky Links

The only autoformat tags that work are the link brackets ‘[]’-  [Your Link Label Here http:⁄⁄www.yourlinkhere.com].

Of course you can use old school <a href=”http:⁄⁄www.yourlinkhere.com”>Your Link Label Here<⁄a> too.

Oh and there is no ‘literal’ character.  You have to use the HTML special character equivalent.  &hearts; still == ♥ though.

Speaking of-

This is a Community Moderated site.  Just as at Daily Kos how your comments are rated determines whether Regular Users can see them or not.  Over time your average ratings determine whether you become a Trusted User or not, at budhy’s direction I have ramped them up to 11 (but don’t worry, this amp goes up to 15).

We have a three tiered ratings system-


    Pony   == 4 == Excellent!

    Wrong! == 1 == Your statement leads me to question your motives and/or intelligence.

    Hide   == 0 == Beyond Wrong!.  Should be hidden.

Be excellent to each other.


When you are authorized for Essays you get 2 (count ’em two) Essays a day.  All Essayists are expected to stand by their words.

For Regular and Trusted Users this means you are expected to comment in your Essay (tip jar) and respond to the comments of others for at least 90 minutes.  Contributing Editors are likewise expected to stand by their words and actions, but need not post a formal tip jar because some of their Essays will be timed publications.

Who’s Who?

So happy you asked-


* buhdydharma

* On The Bus

* Turkana

* Armando

* ek hornbeck


Guest Bloggers-

* Jerome a Paris

* kestrel9000

Contributing Editors

* 73rd virgin

* breathingstill

* Cronesense

* exmearden

* Jay Elias

* jillian

* ksh01

* LithiumCola

* LoE

* Magnifico

* melvin

* Nightprowlkitty

* noweasels

* occams hatchet


* pfiore8

* pico

* pinche tejano

* pyrrho

* Robyn

* srkp23

* theevolutionarysieve

* Turing Test

* Unitary Moonbat


Suspension of privileges.

Immediately to stop misbehavior, longer periods for punishment.  budhydharma reviews all disciplinary actions and his word is final.

Fun Stuff

Three times a day, at 9 am, 12 noon, and 6 pm Eastern, there are Pony Party Essays (Open Threads) where you can chat and hang out.  No subject is off topic.  These appear in the ‘Recent Essays’ List.  pfiore8 and crew host.

Also for your chatting pleasure-

Monday – Friday 6 am Muse in the Morning– Robyn Serven favors us with some art and poetry.  This is an Open Thread.

7:30 am The Morning News– I’ll be handling this for now.  This is an Open Thread.

4:00 pm 4 at 4– Magnifico gives us just 4 stories of importance.  This is an Open Thread.

Monday – Thursday 12 midnight Midnight Cowboy– pinche tejano provides some late night thoughts.  This is a semi-Open Thread.

Some final thoughts

If words are the kind of things that can hurt you, perhaps you need a new hobby, like crochet.

Around here there are sharp tongues and sharp minds.  Ridicule and derision are only to be expected, snark is the common language.

The Buddha would not save you if he could, your path is yours to walk.  If your cup of wisdom is not full perhaps you might learn something.  If it’s already overflowing some of it may be spilled.


In a reply to aek, condoleaser used some HTML that screwed up the page and I wasn’t able to delete just his comment, I had to delete aek’s too.

It’s all good.  Stuff happens.  I just didn’t want you wondering if you were already hidden or something.

Update 2

There is no automatic refresh like at Daily Kos, you need to hit the refresh button on your browser periodically otherwise the page remains static.

I’ve also noticed the pages don’t always render properly.  A good first step in trying to figure out if it’s a real problem is to hit the refresh button once or twice.


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  1. [Your Link Label Here http://www.yourlinkhere.com]

    … works for shorter link text, but the auto format can get lost with longer link text, especially if there is an auto linewrap somewhere in there.

    [http://www.yourlinkhere.com Your Link Label Here]

    … seems to have a harder time getting lost. Also, its more convenient if you every have to copy and paste somewhere without this auto format, since you can replace “[” with “<a href=””, the first space with “”> and the closing “]” with “</a>” without any copy and pasting to flip the text and link label around.

    And, BTW, welcome from the Commentariat as well.

  2. I thought it was 3

  3. Um……where’s the john?

  4. im not new, just kinda new but i intend to post here pretty regularly (& cross post) and Ive always loved this site. And i sure need formatting help.

    I am stellaroo here and boatsie elsewhere. and i just like the ambiance here better than anywhere else and i forget who it was a year or so ago who suggested that the type of back and forth i engaged in would be much appreciated here … so thanks for the welcome

  5. Instead of flame wars we have up-rating festivals. True hippy spirit lives here. No mean hippies. Be excellent to each other people!

    • martinw on September 13, 2009 at 15:32

    inspired me to post a similar diary at Progressive Electorate

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