(UPDATED) Pelosi to Blue Dogs:DEAL! UNF$%KINGREAL!

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UPDATED: (and not surprisingly!)

Sept 23, 2009

    Pelosi spokesman Nadeam Elshami emailed us late last night to assert that no final decisions have been made on the shape of the public option: “It is inaccurate for anyone to assert that the Speaker or the Leadership has determined the form of the public option. How we move forward on the public option will continue to be discussed by the Leadership and the Caucus, which will meet on Thursday.”

Didn’t Take very long for this bullshit to happen. Shoulda seen it coming.

Sept 22, 2009     Speaker Pelosi is nixing a deal she cut with centrists to advance health reform, said a source familiar with negotiations.

    Pelosi’s decision to abandon the agreement that was made with a group of Blue Dogs to get the bill out of committee would steer the healthcare legislation back to the left as she prepares for a floor vote.

    Pelosi is planning to include a governmentrun public option in the House version of the healthcare bill. She wants to model it on Medicare,- with providers getting reimbursed on a scale pegged to Medicare rates.-

    -“The speaker is full-steam-ahead,” said a senior Democratic aide.-


     It was a VERY good day for Progressives in DC and working class Americans today. Pelosi has shot down her deal with the Blue Dogsthe MAYO Clinic is going to support a Public Option and Senator Tom Harkin (D-IO) has said that he is now VERY confident that a Public Option will make it to the President’s desk in Health Care Reform.

   Hell, even Harry Reid grew some temporary spine and said that a 51 majority vote will be used to pass health care reform if all else fails.

   Let’s see who long Harry’s new found vertebrae lasts.

   So, all in all it is a good day for Progressives politically, and working class Americans everywhere as we push harder for a Progressive agenda that benefits working class Americans FIRST.

   Let’s hope more good news is coming soon. I could get used to writing happy diaries like this am getting f#$king sick and tired of this BULLSHIT


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  1. Blue Dogs bend over, NANCY takes over!!!

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    • jamess on September 23, 2009 at 03:40

    Oh Yeah, indeed!

  2. a “good news day” on a day Im without TV or internet all day!!! oh well, back up now, catching up.

  3. is starting to like a blessing in disguise.

    The lobbyists thought they could use that time to kill health care reform, but they couldn’t, and now the reform forces are stronger.

    • RUKind on September 23, 2009 at 06:07

    I’d call it even over the “impeachment is off the table” stance. I’d rather see decent, affordable health care for all of us than see Bush impeached. After all, when lying about extramarital oral sex is cause for impeachment then impeachment isn’t what it used to be.

    We need to put the fear of a private sector job into those Blue Dogs. Then again, they’d probably just move en masse to K St.

    ‘Twas an auspicious day, this autumnal equinox. Forty-one years to the day since my first time standing a few feet in front of Jerry and the boys. WALSTIB.


    • dkmich on September 23, 2009 at 11:24

    Obama’s health care is nothing more than expanded medicaid for up to 5% of the population.  It has no cost containment, no universal coverage, and no option.  If this is the best Obama and the Dems can do, who needs them.

    Just what we wanted.  A Democratic landslide to sell out away everything the people voted for.    

  4. Look up the application for mass health.  It is a financial colonoscopy which age discriminates by attaching your estate back to Mass Health once you reach that over the hill age of 55.

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