Insurance Companies Need Your Support


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    • Edger on September 23, 2009 at 02:18
  1. We really need to think of all those poor, homeless pygmy horses.

  2. the Google search pages!

    Final figure I recall was 1.78 Billion

  3. Tiki is much like your typical spa client. She enjoys massages and pedicures. Accupuncture helps her arthritis. The spa treatments seem to ease her stress and make it easier for her to get around in her old age.

    The local NBC news station in San Jose & San Francisco, is featuring a series about care for older animals in the Oakland Zoo’s Beloved Animal Spa.

    Tiki is a 20 year old giraffe:

    She’s had five calves. She’s a great mom, a great-great grandmother,” Phelps said. “Her calves populate zoos all over this country, so this is sort of our way of paying her back.”

    Boy am I jealous.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love animals, and I would never want to deny good care to one.  But…But…But…

    I wrote Governor Ahhnold Schicksengropper a letter a year ago when he proposed cuts to health care to low income seniors including not only the pedicare, massage and acupuncture which Tiki recieves daily, but also all vision, hearing and dental care to elderly human Medi-Cal recipients.

    Looking forward to a possible, deaf, blind, toothless old age, I can only ask, …

    Where do I go to apply to be a giraffe?  

  4. what’s your super power? lol

    They nailed it.

    I noticed this vid was posted multiple times last night on my facebook feed, but I didnt watch it til now.

    fark, who  needs a mini zoo in their own yard? too much work, gotta hire a Keeper. Much better to just jet over and catch a little safari for R&R, no?

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