Updated: Great Interview With Cindy Sheehan

The Kennedy Funeral Media bonanza, and the Saturday rain helped to deny any opportunity over the past week for new public attention, energy, and focus put on stopping the continuation of these illegal, barbaric, and self-destructive Wars and Foreign Occupations, that are bankrupting our Country and slaughtering over a million innocent people.  

But Cindy Sheehan did give a great public interview for the online Russian News service.

The questions raised by Cindy should be central to the National Dialog in our Country, as it defines the very character of who we are, and what our future is destined to be.

I hope that the Anti-War movement, and the Truth in Foreign Policy movement, is not consigned to just merely a position that applies only to Bush & Cheney.

Unfortunately, (unknown to us at the time) we just “re-elected” Robert Gates in 2008, and the corrupt U.S. Foreign Policy is not changing one damn bit.  

It’s time we make some noise about this.


“I am coming to a conclusion that I don’t want to come to . . . that maybe it was just an anti-Bush movement and not an Anti-War movement.

There are still some good organizations that are working hard, but it seems like the large organizations [ MoveOn.org, CAP (Center For American Progress), PDA (Progressive Democrats of America), DFA (Democracy For America), Code Pink, etc.] . . . only oppose the policies if there is a Republican in office.”

     –Cindy Sheehan

And of course, Obama has put right-wing NeoCon freaks Robert Gates, James Jones, etc., in charge of of the War and Foreign Policy, so in fact “Republicans” are still in office, and still in the key positions of power anyway.  

That’s the way Obama set it up to work.

The audacity of looking backwards on War policy, and the audacity of looking forward to
covering up the disgraceful War Crimes!




  1. These wars, occupations, illegal and immoral invasions of these countries in the Middle East have not been worth one dime or one drop of blood.

    Thank you so much for this essay, FreeSociety.  These wars should have ended the day Democrats took back the Congress.

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