The Seven Deadly Sins of Politics

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These are not sins inside the Washington bubble, where they are seen as business as usual by the eternally morally-challenged.  But they are the reasons most Americans dislike and distrust politicians.  Why?  Because they are Destructive and Dishonest and most people understand that.  We thought, hoped, that Barak Obama understood that as well.  Apparently not.

And the growing exposure of his moral ambiguity is the reason some are now losing faith in Barak Obama.  Because he’s committing every one of these “sins”.

First, he packed the White House with un-liberals.  Conflicting “leaks” come out of the White House almost daily.  He’s spinning on health care.  He’s refused to pursue violent and illegal torturers.  He’s refused to even investigate out-and-out war criminals from the previous administration.  He insists on appeasing openly obstructive Republicans and Blue Dogs.  His adminstration was willing to spend billions for Wall Street, and reluctant to support Main Street and Labor.  He’s ramping up of the war in Afganistan, despite a dismal outlook for achieving anything useful there.  He appointed what can best be described as a “centerist” Supreme Court Justice.  He’s openly disdainful of public education. (Despite having never attended a public school in the United States).

We hoped Barak Obama was different.  He SAID he was going to be different.  He dangled hope for change with the consumate skill of a seasoned huckster or televangelist. (Same difference.)

What some of us worried about before the election, but hardly dared express for fear of being stomped into oblivion, was that he was too inexperienced to stand fast for the people’s needs in the moral sinkhole that is Washington.  

Apparently we had reason for our reservations, because Barak Obama seems to be diving headfirst into the muck.  He has a choice now.  He can pull back from the brink and regain his credibility.  Or he can sink.


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