The Senate’s Clear Choice: Public Option or Corporate Option

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Now that the wily tactician Max Baucus has brilliantly and cleverly tricked the Republicans and Health and Insurance Corporations into tipping their hand and revealing exactly what a Corporate written Health Care Reform Bill looks like…..

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And the Republicans won’t even vote for that…..

And EVERYBODY else hates it too….

The Senate is left with one clear choice.

They can pass a Bill that favors the Corporations.

Or they can pass a Bill that favors the Public.

Which will it be Senators?

Which Master will you serve?

And make no mistake, Senators, the days of fooling the Public are over. We are watching and analyzing your every move, and we know you tricks and your obfuscations and you dodges and We Will NOT Be Fooled. The choice is just too clear cut and the results will be just too obvious to think you can get away with it.

This time.

After all these months of maneuvering and feints and trial balloons, we are on to you and watching you like hawks. We have educated and activated ourselves and we are ALL OVER YOU.

You will no longer get away with saying you support The Public and then voting to betray the Public. Those days are over.

It will be obvious which choice you make: Serving the Public Interests as you were elected to do….Or serving the interests of the Corporations that line your pocket and wine and dine you.

We are watching you and we have, as the old saying goes, barrels of ink to publicize for the whole nation to see which choice you make.

And we will NOT forget that choice come 2010 and 2012 when ALL of you will be up for reelection.

When all of you will have to face the Public…and when it will not matter how much Corporate money you have to try to buy our votes. We will remember who you choose to serve…and if you DON’T choose to serve US over serving the Corporations…we WILL vote you out.

Count on it.

It is a new day in politics. You, Senators, have all seen the power that The People now wield. Not just in the way WE elected President Obama through millions of small donations, but in the way we can NOW influence and inform our fellow Citizens. And in the way we can influence and inform the media as well.

IF you vote for the Corporations over The Public, we WILL mobilize to defeat every single one of you who do.


But here is the good part! We are only asking you to do what is right. WE are not forcing you to sell your soul to the Corporations and betray The Public! WE are asking you to serve the American People and get us a Health Care Reform Bill that works

The Insurance Companies are the bad guys here, Senators, not the Public. Just think! For once you have the choice to do the right thing, do what you were elected to do….be PUBLIC Servants….and WIN your next election…

Or you can choose to sell your soul to the Corporations, betray the trust of The American People ….and lose your next election at the hands of a newly aroused and informed Public.

The old days of backroom politics and being able to disguise the fact that you are serving the Corporations are over.

We are watching, we know your tricks, and ironically…WE are probably MORE informed than YOU.

We actually READ the Bills!

So…no more games, no more tricks, no more obfuscations and no more trial balloons. We are on to you.

Your choice is clear:

Vote for The Public Option.


Vote for The Corporate Option.



Win your next election by serving The Public.

Or lose your next election by serving the Corporations.



And please remember this one simple fact Senators, all of that money that the Corporations are giving you is for one purpose only…. To buy our votes.

And our votes are no longer for sale.

Not if you betray us by passing The Corporate Option on Health Care reform. NO amount of Corporate money and advertising will buy you your next election IF You betray The Public and side with the Corporations.

And you can put THAT in the bank.


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  1. NOW it is time for you and your colleagues to get on the side of The Public!


  2. Corporate flag

    • Edger on September 17, 2009 at 20:39

    Corporate option?

    Here’s their corporate option…

  3. We are watching, we know your tricks, and ironically…WE are probably MORE informed than YOU.

    We actually READ the Bills!

                        ~~emphasis mine~~

    We do need to let them know this truth.  They can’t fool us anymore.

    Yeah Buhdy!!!

    • on September 17, 2009 at 23:02

    Their gonna primary your ass!  Just like they did to Joe Lieberman!  And look what happened to him!  Ooooooooh!  Scaaaaaary!

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