Sherrod Brown UNLOADS!

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Sherrod Brown has come out with some pretty strong language in an interview he gave today over at TPM. It’s great to see a progressive in the Senate giving the White House the what for!


Emphasis mine.

“The most important thing is the public option,” Brown said. “I don’t know for sure if I would support it with out a public option but it would be hard to get there…. We’re not going through this to write some namby pamby bill so we can check a box and say we did health care reform.”

Nice to see that the senator gets it. How unbelievably infuriating it will be if we get a watered-down, junk bill and then have to listen to Rahm tell us how it’s a “victory.” Yes, let’s give the American people a nice, big glass of urine on the rocks and call it the most delicious lemonade they done ever tasted!

“If the insurance companies are satisfied with this bill it’s not a good bill,” Brown said. “It’s clear that if the major interest groups line up for this bill it’s not doing what it’s supposed to go.” [sic]

Huzzah! Tell it, brother!

Did you hear that over at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? The idea here is not to make sure the murder-by-spreadsheet industry is kept really profitable at the expense of the American taxpayer. The point is to provide quality, affordable coverage, which is done best with a public option.

If the insurance companies like what’s produced, it can only mean one thing: bailout for millionaires, yet again. And, naturally, that bailout will be done at the expense of you and me.

Let’s hear a few more senators say something along these lines!

Oh, and here’s another choice quote:

“The White House should not take progressives for granted,” an animated Brown told me. “It’s not just the conservatives he needs to be in the fold. It’s the progressives who’ve been in the vineyards fighting for reform for years.”

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  1. today was a good day to be a progressive. I really think Obama is going to do the right thing on Weds.

    Thanks for the crosspost from Orange, Anima. I wouldn’t have gotten to tell you that since you’re at 300+ comments over at GOS.


    • BobbyK on September 4, 2009 at 08:44

    He should ignore Rahm and take it to them.

    He should have everyone in the congress who believes the government is incapable of providing health insurance for all citizens in 2009 to stand up and be counted.  

    He should call them out. In the joint session. on teevee.

    • socks on September 4, 2009 at 12:52

    It seems that lately we have been wading thru a morass of insanity and looniness coming from the tinckle down drinkers.

    Hats off the Sharrod, and his clarity in this time of media blitz on only covering stupidity.

    Over the last few years I’ve become calloused to some of the idiocy coming from the right, and it is of note that the uptic of innanity is so obvious.

    It used to be over things like an assault on Constitutional values, like spying on citizens or the Patriot acts, or unnecessary war for profiteers.

    Now it is citizens running off at the mouth with no cognition going on in their heads. Talk about standing on principles diametrically opposed to ones own interests! Social mindwarp is all I can say.    

  2. … then Ten Progressive Senators Are Enough to force him to go all-in for a robust public option.

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