American Family Association Propaganda 20090903

The American Family Association (AFA) is a right wing wingnut outfit run by Donald Wildmon and his son.  They own the “news” outlet One News Now (ONN), which is as nutty as Cybercast News.

They are also tax exempt.  You tell me after you read this one if they should be.  I think not.

The AFA used to be the Leauge for Decency, or some such, that hated the programming on the TeeVee unless it was Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, or Jimmy Swaggart.  They run scores of radio stations across the United States and spew extremist christionist propaganda, but, as I said, are tax exempt.

Here is a current “news” story from ONN, and the comments with it.  For Fair Use considerations, I have only posted a few sentences from the original article, and, even though distasteful, have provided links so that everyone can see that I have not altered anything in the article nor in the comments.

In this post, the original story will be linked, the parts of it that I quote will be in bold, the comments  will be in normal, and my responses will be in italic.  I promise that I have cut and pasted the comments, as well as the parts of the story, so I have no editorial influence.  My only original contributions are my comments, as identified as I just said.  Let us go.…