Progressives Are The President’s Only Hope!

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Now that it has been positively proven that half of the Senate and a goodly portion of the House are pretty much under corporate control (as Durbin said, The banks “frankly, own this place” and the ownership of the Insurance Companies is blatantly obvious …now) who can The President rely on to back his agenda?

Health Care, Climate Crisis, Energy, Education…on everything but the Wars, Progressives are right there with The Presidents Agenda, while the rest of Congress looks to their Corporate masters for instructions on how to vote.

And we KNOW ….now…. that the Corporate Agenda is almost the exact opposite of the Presidents.

Which is, of course, why he got elected.

In the long list of problems our nation faces at this critical juncture of history, you can run your finger down and check off nearly every item as The Corporations vs The American People.

The reason of course is money.

The purpose of Corporations is to take as much money from The American People as possible….while delivering the fewest goods and shoddiest services that they can get away with.

The purpose of Government as President Obama rightly sees it, but cannot outwardly express it…is to protect Americans from the Banks, Financial institutions, Insurance Companies, Oil and Energy Companies and other entities that have grown so powerful and so…too big to fail.

There is only one bloc of government that has apparently been left uncorrupted by the taint of Big Money, The Progressive Caucus. If that was in doubt before, the fight over Health Care where the ProgCauc are virtually the only coalition fighting for the Public Option proves it. Throw in their support for Cap and Trade and it makes an ironclad case.

The Progressives and the President are natural allies.

Who is fighting for it in the Senate? Why, the most Progressive Senators of course.

After nine months, the ideological and policy lines have become crystal clear.

Even though ideology has, underneath it all, very little to do with it. It doesn’t take an 11th dimensional chess player to be smart enough to see who is destroying the American way of life with their greed, who is destoying the Middle class and draining their increasingly meager assets and wages into the pockets of the top 1%. The evidence has become abundantly clear through the financial crisis and the health care fight.

President Obama wants Change. He knows the status quo is on the verge of collapse. Held together with band aids and baling wire. Change means fighting back against the Corporations that wish to preserve the status quo. At any cost. At any cost to anyone but them. At any cost to The American People. As long as the Corporations can keep making money of off the American People and funneling it ‘upstairs.’

The Corporations that nearly destroyed the economy, the Corporations that are bleeding America dry with their version of “Health Care,” The Corporations that are trying to Kill The Planet for profit.

The only voting bloc in Congress that will support him in this fight is The Progressive Caucus, and the Progressive Senators.

The rest of Congress…and the Corporate owned media… will fight him every step of the way, in his quest for positive Change for the American People. While the Progressives support him all the way down the line. (But not all the way to decades in AfPak!)

There is only one problem.

In his quest for the Middle, The President…and Rahm …somehow feel that they must marginalize or even disown the Progressive Caucus, his natural allies.

While this may SEEM smart on the surface, it is actually the same sort of Democratic Party stupidity that has dominated The Party since at least the (failed) Republican Revolution of the ’90’s.

Mr. President, as the rest of the Corporate Owned Congress opposes every item on your agenda, I urge you to turn and embrace the Progressive Caucus as your natural ally.

This alliance would strengthen you…and as you embrace and empower them, it would strengthen them….and increase their numbers, and their power to help enact your agenda.

The Public elected you to enact Change President Obama! And the only ones on your side in bringing the Change we need to America are the Progressives!

Yes, the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” (that has now been proven to exist) did a simply bang up job of demonizing and vilifying Liberals, the Left and Progressives.

But the country has Changed after eight years of Republican rule. The political winds are shifting, Rahm Mr. President! The triangulation of Clinton and the DLC didn’t work. The Bush Debacle proved the Republicanism didn’t work. Perhaps, just perhaps…it IS time to embrace and rehabilitate the Left, the Liberals, The Progressives who support you….when no one else will?

After all, nearly every item on your agenda was born on the Left. All of your solutions on the problems we face have their origin in progressive thought. Nearly everything you want is (by DC standards) EXACTLY what the Progressives want.

We ARE Your allies. We WANT to support you. We WANT you to succeed.

We only question you when you try embrace the failed policies of the Right, in a vain hope for bi-partisanship in a political environment even more polluted than the planets environment.

The Right and even the Center wish you nothing but ill in their fear of the Change you know we MUST bring to America. The Right will do all it can to ensure you fail, and the mealy Center will go along out of sheer force of habit….

And lack of strong alternative Leadership.

But he Progressive Left is here, Mr President….RIGHT HERE, waiting and wanting to help. As the Health care battle has proven, you need the Progressive Caucus to pass your agenda. You NEED us. And we need you to lead us to that Promised Land of change you spoke so eloquently of in the election. As the Health Care Battle has proven, everyone else will abandon your principled agenda at the drop of a Corporate Dollar.

Except us, except the Progressives, we are here for you.

If you would only reach out your hand.

We would rise up at your back just as we did in the election.

And together….we can win these battles just as we won the election.

If you abandon your vain quest for the Middle of the Past, and realize that a new and vibrant Middle Left is waiting in the wings to be born.

The American People want and need the Change you can bring. The polls say so, and if you would stand up to the corrosive and destructive forces of the Right Wing and LEAD us to that new world, that promised land you have such a strong….and shared….vision of, the nation would follow.

And, as reality is proving,  your only real ally to bring that Change that America is yearning for….is The Progressives.

Reach out Mr. President, and we will rise up… and bring the rest of the nation with us.

We are here and we want to help.



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  2. … the rank and file Democrats who make it difficult for Progressives as well.

    We’ve gone so far to the right … I don’t think a lot of folks grasp the reality that even a hard turn to the left will still get us only somewhat close to the right of center.

    Great essay.

  3. I somehow don’t think Team O sees it this way at all.



    • Edger on September 8, 2009 at 8:30 pm
    • publicv on September 8, 2009 at 9:22 pm
  4. Beyond mere cosmetic superficialities.

    I don’t see any.

  5. like Chambliss will allow him to kiss their rings, right?  Then they’ll all be BFF’s bipartisan buddies, uniting to work for the good of all, right?

  6. … of incessant, sometimes batshit crazy, inaction, we really should count any accord between Progressives and Independents as bipartisan as anything is ever going to get.

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