9/11 Truth: you can’t put out THIS fire that quickly, either…

Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up.

Regardless of whether or not President Obama agrees to meet with him, Sheen is confident that his letter will serve as a catalyst from which questions surrounding 9/11 and other false flag events will be brought to national attention.

This is a call to action and a declaration of war on the lies of 9/11 that have formed the foundation of the endless wars abroad and the police state at home as the Republic falls. Sheen is demanding that truth activists and those who simply care about the future of the country stand up beside him and speak truth to power.

Sheen is now urging grass roots political organizations and individuals across the country, such as the town hall protesters and We Are Change groups, to go to press conferences and other public events and demand answers about the truth behind 9/11. As much awareness as possible around the issue of false flag terrorism needs to be generated in order to prevent tragedies like 9/11 from happening again. Sheen emphasizes in his letter that we cannot let 9/11 become ancient history, try and forget about it or just move on, because if a nation forgets its history then it is doomed to repeat it.

We cannot allow governments to continue to advance their political agendas by exploiting forged pretexts, argues Sheen, and the fact that big budget hit pieces against 9/11 truth are still being rolled out proves that the establishment is upset that the population is waking up to false flag terror.

The forced resignation of Van Jones based on his (apparently retracted) signature on a 9/11 Truth petition, conveniently and suspiciously timed just prior to the eighth anniversary of the attacks, is clearly an attempt to perpetuate the Bush administration’s fairy tale. It creates the impression that the Obama administration does not buy into the LIHOP or MIHOP theories about the 9/11 attacks, but it also serves as a means to assess the public’s opinion on this matter.

Therefore, the community demanding a new investigation of the events surrounding 9/11 needs to hit back at this, and hit back hard. One way is to involve high-profile, well known celebrities such as Charlie Sheen and Jesse Ventura, but there needs to be grassroots backing as well.

Working in parallel with Sheen, who will speak via livestream on PrisonPlanet TV Wednesday and Friday; Richard Gage (head of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth) will be livestreaming his own commentary tonight at 5:45pm Pacific Time from the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Livestreamed audio will also be broadcast here starting at 8pm Eastern Time.

In a manner of speaking, the front paging in mainstream media of the reason for Van Jones’ departure is a victory for the 9/11 Truth movement. The issues surrounding the attacks can no longer be ignored. The genie is out of the bottle about the nanothermite, and that is opening a lot of people’s eyes. Other questions which point out the logical holes in the Bush fairytale are coming fast and furious. Why did the buildings burn for months when jet fuel dissipates quickly and is designed to burn clean? Why did NIST never test for the presence of thermite? Why, when physicists, mechanical engineers and architects have simply asked questions about the official story, have they been shunned, blacklisted by their communities, and fired from their jobs as if they were witches in a world of priests?

How did a jumbo jet which has NEVER been seen on camera mysteriously evaporate into a few pieces of detritus from OTHER planes on the Pentagon’s unscorched, unscratched grass? Where is the footage of the “plane” hitting the Pentagon? Why is that classified? Why are there portions of the audiotapes and radio transcripts for first responders who were inside the WTC that are classified?

Why was there a site wide powerdown of the entire WTC complex the weekend before? Who coordinated that effort? What was the supposed purpose of that effort? How involved with that effort was Securacom, the corporation run by Bush’s youngest brother? As witnesses have stated, did they pull the bomb sniffing dogs off the site that weekend, and were they kept off the site for the duration?

What are the links between what happened on 9/11 and the controlled demolition of the gas towers in Maspeth on 7/15 of that same year? Who performed that controlled demolition, and was it deemed necessary by the site’s owners? How much explosive did they bring? How much explosive did they use? What type of explosive was it?

Why did not ONE of the supposed 19 hijacker’s names appear on the passenger manifests of the planes? How is it possible that ordinary cel phones were supposedly successfully used on an airliner in flight at an elevation of several hundred feet? Why is there no explanation of the multiple-G-force hairpin turn – a turn that experienced pilots have said would stall the airplane in midair – made by one of the flights from Boston, supposedly executed by a poorly trained and incompetent-at-best terrorist pilot as it deviated from it’s flight path to smash into the WTC?

Why, during the time immediately following the attacks, while all commercial air traffic had been completely grounded, were members of the bin Laden family allowed to fly out of the country? Why were USAF fighter jets not scrambled within 15 minutes of the first attack? The USAF Major General who supposedly gave the order to scramble those jets is just a little dead, one of the victims of a DC Metro train crash. So he’s not around to ask. How… convenient.

The questions go on and on, and they need to be asked until we have the answers. They are NOT going away, and neither are the people who are asking them. Gossip is swift, as the saying goes, but truth endures.

A closer look at the Keyspan gas storage towers that were located on the border of Maspeth (Queens) and Greenpoint (Brooklyn), which were demolished via controlled demolition on July 15th, 2001. Information about the demolition of these towers is very difficult to find on the Internet, but it is there. The reference to “netting” is to refute the disinformation out there that the towers were not demolished, but taken down slowly via crane piece by piece with the full knowledge and approval of the surrounding community. The disinformation about the way these towers were taken down is so bad that nobody even seems to know for sure what the name of the company was that performed this work.


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  1. Are you… FIRED UP?!?

  2. “In this post 911 world”

    “In this economy”

    “Due to the pandemic”

    After that it’s all like dark and stuff.

    • taoskier on September 8, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Someone with nationwide recognition like Sheen would get a lot more exposure for the evidence if he appeared on a show that gets more viewers/listeners than Alex Jones, too  much like speaking to the choir there.

    • Inky99 on September 8, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    Alex Jones, who is a douchebag, makes a huge deal out of something “coming up”, then it turns out it’s an “Interview” that Charlie Sheen had with Obama about 9/11.  

    He posts it this morning, not telling anybody it was fake.

    It spreads like wildfire around the internet.

    Then 20 minutes later, he comes out and says “just kidding, the interview is fake.  Never happened”.

    Thus embarrassing a lot of people who thought it was real and spread it around.

    Alex Jones is someone to stay VERY FAR AWAY from regarding just about ANYTHING.

    And now Charlie Sheen is tainted with his stink.

    • Joy B. on September 9, 2009 at 12:31 am

    …than anybody else who has followed, been disgusted by the whitewash, and still has open questions that will likely never be officially addressed. Unless it’s with another official whitewash.

    You cannot make people care about what they don’t want to know. If they want to know (what is known), it’s out there.

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