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sorry for the drive by essay, but I wanted to share a few links with you. maybe someone can pick up the ball?

Meditation for Peace Sept 25

The Mass Meditation for Peace was created out of a need to have a response to the G20 Summit that was both spiritually modivated and politically conscious. There has been a lot of fear and chaos around this Summit coming to Pgh. We wanted to provide a venue that would make people feel comfortable to participate and express their concerns about the Summit through just being present.

Our message, in the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, is “Peace in Oneself, Peace in the World”. We will be gathered to show the importance of creating peace within oneself. Our intent is not to oppose the G20 Summit but rather to emphasize this important point of view.

The meditation will take place Friday Sept. 25th at 10am on Flagstaff Hill with an anticipated attendance of 200. We will sit in silent solidarity for 90 minutes.

Participants are asked to wear a white shirt if possible. At 11:30, those who wish will walk together to the starting point of the “People’s March to the G20”. We have been invited by the organizers of the march to be pillars of support to help maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

News from today below…

ACLU files suit on behalf of two protest groups

Still days before the official start to the G-20 summit, two demonstrating groups are already claiming that the Pittsburgh police have been engaged in “systematic attempts to harass and discourage,” their free speech rights.

and here’s front page of Pittsburgh paper pdf warning… but a nice photo… of this event below (I think).

Last, heres this one, G 6 Billion Journey and Witness.

Join us as we gather as one to witness for all those who are not represented by the Group of 20 leaders yet whose lives and livelihoods are affected by choices not of their making. We will welcome a diverse group of speakers with song and prayer.


…we will begin our journey at approximately 3:30 pm carrying flags of the 192 sovereign countries representative of the body of our United Nations to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Our service will continue as faithful pray together as one for love, compassion, the common good, respect for God’s creation, human dignity, truth-telling, fairness and equality, peace, freedom and human security.

In solidarity…


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