If you are reading this, I am at the beach!

The tensions too thick.

My back is too sore.

The beach is too close and I have the use of a car.

But I do wish to be amused when I get back! So I will ask…..the question. (s)

What will you reaction be if Obama does not …let’s say….make it fairly clear that he is actively pushing the Public Option in his speech tonight?

(s) What should the reaction of the Blogosphere be?

(s) Should there be some form of organized pushback?

(s) What would be your preferred from of protest/pushback?

(s) Do you have a favorite brand of pitchfork?

(s) Do you prefer a small, medium, or large torch?


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  1. I am working with a group of folks to push back really hard after the first round of voting on bills happens. Without giving everything away, we will be targeting any Dem who votes no on a bill containing a public option or who votes yes on a trigger for the same, both House and Senate.

    We are likely to need about 70 folks to help with this, and it will make them take the threat of primary challengers seriously. More when I can share, but part of this is going to have to be kept completely on the QT until we spring it or it will lose it’s punch.  

  2. I’m already ready to spit fire — got a phone list in front of me, including that scum, Baucus — ready!

    Then, I’m flying out to join you on the beach — you’re not the only one who needs to let go of tensions, you bum, you!   http://planetsmilies.net/happy-smiley-17167.gif

  3. wearing one of those “speedo” type bathing suits at the beach.

    Sorry gentlemen of DD, they just aren’t attractive. About the same as seeing me in a bikini. Which would be a scary experience, sorta like a very bad trip.

    • rb137 on September 9, 2009 at 8:34 pm


    I prefer and acetylene torch when I’m serious.




    Only BETTER, no MORE BS.

    I will be using my admin position at The Progressive Electorate.com to accomplish two goals if the PO gets tossed.

    1. Replace GOoPers with TRUE Progressives

    2. Replace DINO’s with TRUE Progressives.

    and if that means burning the tent down in order to save the party inside it, that’s just fucking fine with me.

  5. 1)  Complete silence for 24 hrs. It will drive them crazy.

    2)  After 24hrs we go outside (same time of course) and yell


    3)  See #2

    4)  I have no pitchfork, but I have a cast iron frying pan.

    5)  Medium, please.

    I don’t want to watch the speech, I want to go to bed and wake up someplace else. Or I’m going to tear the rest of the sheet rock off my wall. Might be good therapy.

  6. I will be surprised if he does demand a PO. I learned from a very smart blogger that a pol is a pol. Nothing more nothing less. I worked and voted for the dude with that in mind however he seemed to be the best chance for moving beyond this shit. We should of course continue to yell louder. We are the joker in their pack their wild card, and they need to know they cannot play us or deal us out. We need to be fearless and ruthless, and quit calling bribery compromise, getting screwed is not reform, what have we got to lose.    

    Outrage and a really good strategy to make them sit up and take notice that we are not the left of the left and cannot be sidelined as extremists. We need to get over this bs that were not the majority. When I campaigned I was the only blogger in my precinct and every person who walked the streets with me (the grassroots and more,from 12 years old) to 72 was less cowered by the machine politics and the government then most bloggers are. We need to believe that we are a movement that is not isolated.  

    Push back leaves me fresh out of ideas, but nyceve slinkerwink and crew seem to be doing ‘a heck of a job. So I would say supporting our activists, and linking up with the grassroots who are pretty pissed off at this administration and livid with congress. I mean the real grassroots not the party loyalists who are as big of cowards as the nets blind followers. I think,hope Howard Dean will have some ideas also, he has his foot in both camps.

    I have a great pitchfork that was in my garage/barn when I moved in. It is huge but I have learned to wield it well. My torch needs to be small as the pitchfork is a handful.


  7. Photobucket

    You are all entirely welcome to join me in Bahia Soliman, at this very beach, just north of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  I am just about the only one here: it’s off season.  Every day it is about 90 degres for a high, low is about 73.  Nice breeze.  Some clouds.  No rain.

    I spend as much time as I can here.  It pacifies my mind, which I am afraid is desperately going to need some pacification in the next few weeks.

    • RUKind on September 9, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    I’ve seen enough. There is no more America. It’s a corporate scam. It’s time to tear it down and start over with the Constitution we have. Exterminate the vermin.

    (s) What should the reaction of the Blogosphere be?

    Total, all-engulfing fireball of outrage that burns down everything in its path

    (s) Should there be some form of organized pushback?

    Bus caravans from every state to DC for a millionn strong protest in the streets. Lots of political street theater. Pound on every fucking door in DC. Shut down K St.

    (s) What would be your preferred from of protest/pushback?

    Waterboards. Stress positions. EIT for all who obstruct us.

    (s) Do you have a favorite brand of pitchfork?

    For my compost pile I use a five tine. I love it. For cultivation I use a ten tine tillthing fork. Both work fine. The five tine is the more iconic of the two.

    (s) Do you prefer a small, medium, or large torch?

    I prefer black windowed Chevy Suburbans and very expensive luxury cars. They get a lot more attention. Especially in the middle of an intersection.

    Republicans can freely call for the death of the President. We’re not allowed a peep of protest.. I have fucking had it.

    • Edger on September 9, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    but it might not be worth much to anyone…

    I hope I’m wrong.

    • Joy B. on September 9, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Adds an extra element of drama for the juggler as well as for the audience. Medium torches are okay for exchange-juggling, especially around unwilling victims… er, volunteers from the audience. And the small ones are perfect for fire eating. Especially effective in a group effort as serial tongue-transfers. But white gas burns hotter than more flashy charcoal lighter fluid (for the bigger torches). But to each his/her own, I always say. ยง;o)

  8. for today.

    SMALL torch, please.

    wanna see my cast tatooes? she just finished (round one)

    damn, lemme size ’em down.

  9. …I will also (in addition to the all-out response) respond to a letter from the Obama folks that I’ve been sitting on since receiving it a couple of weeks ago.

    Printed in bold letters on the front of the envelope, just above my name and address, it reads:

    Sydney, can I count on you?

    I’ve been saving his letter to write back to say,

    “No, you can’t count on me.  Since you have proven, repeatedly, that I cannot count on you; therefore I must inform you that you can no longer count on me.”  

    It will be a longer, open letter to the prez.  

  10. Happy beaching buhdy!!

    • TMC on September 10, 2009 at 12:29 am

     Like minds but I don’t need a car to get there, the ocean is practically my back yard, a few minute walk. Not just my back hurt, my whole body ached, thought I was getting sick but it was just lack of sleep. Sleep, a hot commodity for an insomniac. The beach was deserted, all the kids went back to school today. There were just a few fishermen and federal park police to keep swimmers out of the water (no lifeguards). I got through just a few pages of my book and woke up 4 hours later.

      As to your list, if Pres. Obama does not come out strong and swinging for a BOLD public option. Then WE need to be really push back. I don’t know what the Dog has hiding in his house but I’m in. We need more organized demonstration like there was in NYC on a very rainy Saturday. 6000 people showed up. Can you imagine how much larger the group if the sun had been out?

     I’ve prefer a small pitchfork and torch, I’m only 5’3″. I can wield them better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Since we’re talking of pitchforks and torches, I would like to suggest a little levity in the 9/7 OCC comment by Night Owl, “Sword and Magic Health Care”:


            What’s Opera Doc?

    It’s a Bugs Bunny cartoon set to Wagner’s Ring operas.  It’s a riot.

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