Do You Want the AIG Option, Or The Public Option?

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This is a follow up to dday’s excellent diary, which talks about the Baucus bill and Trojan Horse of “allowing people to buy insurance across state lines”:…

While they didn’t realize it, the Republicans and their Big Insurance enablers have actually given us a rhetorical sledge hammer. “Allowing people to buy insurance across state lines” is code for insurance deregulation, and what just happened the last time when an insurance company was allowed to do business in a deregulated environment?

Yup – AIG. AIG was able to stick a hedgefund on top of an insurance company and create a deadly explosive shell game of “hide the risk” that eventually blew up in all of our faces.

And now the GOP wants to turn your private health insurance carrier into AIG.

That’ll work out well.

Just so we’re all clear: the public option is bad because it’s a government takeover, but the AIG option is good because it creates the conditions for next summer’s hit movie, “Health Insurers Run Wild”.

Um, I’ll pass on that AIG option. And I bet a lot of folks – if they had to choose between the AIG option and the public option – would as well. The Republicans didn’t realize it, but they just gave us a big, old rhetorical Christmas present wrapped up in dayglow paper with a huge bow that says “here’s a gift, and I hope you use it against us.”

I think we should.

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