I am giving up the political board circuit to fully focus on this swine flu false flag operation.  I would much rather be ready with other internet venues far more receptive and who will discuss what is actually going on rather than upchuck the daily Satanic media constructs.  I hope I can garner some insight from other parts of the country before it all crashes and the communication stops altogether.  From the response curve on politically oriented left and right places this is a waste of time.  So I have decided to move on.


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  1. I usually don’t go in the way you do, but I think there IS a huge cover up in the fact that the Pork Industry has been abusing animals and creating an environemnt that allowed this evolved virus to develop and flurish.

    I hope you well in whatever you do in this life, LHM! But I hope you don’t go, or, if you must, atleast not for long

    • Turkana on September 25, 2009 at 22:17

    i don’t always agree with some of the subjects that are discussed here, but that’s part of what i like about dd. post intelligent stuff, and be ready to defend it, even if the response is strongly critical. if nothing else, it may help you to hone your arguments.

  2. It’s going to come to that.

    • Joy B. on September 25, 2009 at 22:40

    I’ll keep being confident that you’ll make it out the other side of flu season intact, horseman. Check in occasionally, ‘k? Give us the updates you’re collecting, some of us are very curious as well. Gonna miss you around here.

  3. … I don’t read (or understand) what you’ve written about this topic, you have become important to me and I’d miss you if you left.

    Do what you think is right for yourself – but as far as I’m concerned, you always have a home here.

    • jamess on September 26, 2009 at 02:58

    that No more horse-men will follow?!?

    What about the Ponies?

    Think about the Ponies dude,

    they need a leader!

    Good Luck in your endeavors Dude!

    keep us safe!

    (keep yourself safe too)

    BTW, try to find a few “bright spot” in life, LHM…

    I know there out there,


    in between, the mountains of BS!

    (catch ya on the flip side)

  4. am sorry to hear of your decision, but I believe in obeying our “guts/instincts” — strangely, they’re usually correct.  Of course, you’re “self-banning” yourself and so, you’re not “banned.”  😉  Well, you get it!

    LHM, I wonder if you had seen this article about “swine flu” — it’s length, but very detailed and good!

    See you when YOU feel like it and the best to you in your endeavor!

    (Been a little out of commission myself owing to cirumstances beyond my control.)

    • sharon on September 27, 2009 at 18:37

    someone is needed to sort through emails like the two i received this morning.  i’ve never wanted any kind of flu vaccine and am not likely to change even before reading these emails.  however, there is a note of hysteria that needs to be parsed by someone who really understands this stuff.

    To All,

    [Would anyone who is able to confirm this please get back to me? Thx].

    —— Forwarded Message

    SPREAD this FAST FAR and WIDE!! Let The People Know

    From Bob Chapman’s International Forecaster:


    Data gleaned indirectly from anonymous testimony of Navy wives of the affected crew via the internet radio show A Marine Disquisition… :

    Unnamed US Navy vessel put to sea in April  with 347 man crew.

    Entire crew was vaccinated with H1N1 Swine  Flu vaccine shortly after they put to sea.

    Crew sickened so severely that other ships  had to respond to render aid.  16 Medical Dr.s put aboard from an unnamed  aircraft carrier and other responding vessels.  Total of 50 Navy  personnel sent aboard to respond to crisis.

    Two of the crew of 347 died – including the  Captain of the ship (a Lieutenant Commander) and a Chief Petty Officer.  

    50 personnel sent aboard to help are  quarantined in Navy hospital in Balboa, Spain after 10 of them caught the flu  from the ship’s crew.  Two of the 50 quarantined are in serious condition  at last report.

    Of the 347 man crew that were vaccinated,  333 contracted the H1N1 flu FROM THE  VACCINE.  Two died, as mentioned above, and 331 survived.   Only 14 of the 347 vaccinated sailors did not show any ill effects from  the vaccine.

    Navy has threatened all the spouses of the  ship’s crew to remain silent – claiming all this information is classified.   Some are whistle-blowing and that is where this information is coming  from.

    On the unnamed aircraft carrier that  provided assistance, 415 sailors contracted the swine flu and are currently  quarantined onboard.  

    PLEASE pass this  email along.  The truth is that the swine flu epidemic will be created BY  THE VACCINE.  If we don’t take it, there will be no epidemic.  From  this one test it’s apparent that the vaccine as tested on that ship’s crew in  April is 96% effective at infecting the recipient with swine flu.  Such  an infection rate is impossible to achieve by any natural means.  Though  it only killed 1% immediately, there is no telling what the long term effects  on those injected with the vaccine will be.  See the research on the long  term effects of the 1976 swine flu vaccine, and the Gulf War anthrax vaccine  programs for more  information.

                           Also note that mere contact with those that have been vaccinated creates a 20%  chance of you contracting the swine flu even if you have not been  vaccinated.  Please pass this data along to anyone you care  about!


    ‘Major Alert’




    At present confirmed 1 a/c carrier

    2 destroyers  

    1 helicopter a/c carrier over 30,000 assorted Military, mostly USN & USMC

    Some Coast Guard, National Guard & some Air Force.

    Semper Fi, Drew Malone; Raines III

    Master Electronics Engineer

    USMC 1967-1977

    Owner: H.E.A.R.T. & Associates


    3423 Avery Road

    Little Rock, Arkansas 72209

    SKYPE: drewmalone.rainesiii




              Here is the link to the Navy Article:

    Semper Fi,

    Drew Malone; Raines III





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