Veteran’s Owed Apology

Michael Steele Owes an Apology to Veterans

To knowingly and intentionally tell our Veterans such a blatant lie, that their own government is encouraging them to commit suicide, is unconscionable and reprehensible. Only a truly sick mind could make such a statement. Unfortunately, the sick mind making the statement is one of the most prominent members of the Republican Party in the United States………..Read Rest Here

About the author:

A Democrat in Baldwin Park (Orlando, Florida) writing about my views on politics, and occasionally, other matters of interest to me. Retired Navy. Retired DHS. Now just retired.

All those, not only Steele, owe that Apology to us Vets!! Trying to once again Use Us for their political propaganda, as well as some for pure profit motives, is as it always has been close to a criminal act, it’s pure ‘verbal spitting’ on those who serve highly used since ‘Nam even with symbols! Like the ‘purple heart bandages’ that brought smiles and laughter to a certain political group! Many using this now are the ‘chickenhawks’ of our time and now, while still staying strong in support of our failed policies of two occupations, are sitting on the sidelines of both, rarely even mentioning them or the soldiers, the ‘chickenhawks’ of today, using a soldiers sacrifice to country to further political spin and propaganda!

If there’s to be talk about “death books” and “death panels”, for the fear factor, then talk about the reality of both, the insurance companies that practice both with vigor and to save the bottom lines of as well as the obscene compensations of their executives and investors!!


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