A Liberal Lion, RIP Teddy.

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Name HR 676 “Kennedy Expanded Medicare Bill”

Its a cold rain falling.


Ted Kennedy passed overnight.

A 2002 tribute in The Nation seems so very poignant and fitting, I offer the link and a quote from it.


Now, forty years later, Ted Kennedy looks like the best and most effective senator of the past hundred years. He has followed the counsel of his first Senate tutor, Phil Hart of Michigan, who told him you can accomplish anything in Washington if you give others the credit. Kennedy has drafted and shaped more landmark legislation than liberal giants like Robert Wagner, Hubert Humphrey, Estes Kefauver and Herbert Lehmann. He has survived tragedy and scandal, endured presidential defeat, right-wing demonization, ridicule by TV comics. Now, at 70, he has evolved into a joyous Job.

Universal Health Care was one of his biggest dreams, and God, how I wish he was here and well enough to fight those fights, call in those chips and rekindle the alliances that could make that happen.

This was a man who lived in shadows, the shadows of familial tragedy that I understand so well, the deaths, the canonization of ‘perfected’ siblings, the living can never quite live up to…

..and yet he found it in himself, to just do the JOB, fight the fight for liberal causes, giving up Presidential Hopes to do so at ground level. He found his joy in allowing others to take the limelight and credit for his ideas.

I am equally certain we will hear a renewed round of Chappaquiddick judgmental criticisms. I have this to say about that: Unless you have lived through anything remotely involving life or death and been in actual SHOCK, you have no idea what you yourself would do. I have seen sane and logical people make illogical choices and barely remember them after. This strange biological flight instinct when action is called for is heightened when people have the disease of alcoholism, another battle he won. It was horrific, yes, but not intentional. Worse yet, he knew damn well the right was trying to kill him, and he ran. I forgive this man, as I have forgiven others around me.

Teddy, I honor thee.

You were an Ordinary Hero, beyond your brothers, for enduring the uglier spotlight their brief lives created for you, and yet you persevered. A lesser man would have gone to the retreat of a private life, not chosen to serve, serve, serve anyway.

God bless and god speed.


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    • Diane G on August 26, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    sense of service for the very rich not to end up like Bushes and Murdochs.

    Kennedy embodied the serving elite.

    • Diane G on August 26, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    twitter it, viralize it, email Kucinich & Dodd.

    This needs renaming, reframing and a new life!

    • Joy B. on August 27, 2009 at 12:33 am

    • RiaD on August 27, 2009 at 3:13 am

    in my head all day…..

  1. public servant, he served us well. He kept true liberalism alive during some dark days, he just kept roaring and prevailed. Very nice tribute. kargo x has a good one up also.


    ‘With the Kennedy Health Care Plan intact in the bill, there’s no reason the legislative vehicle that creates it cannot also bear his name. But while there’s still a fight ahead about just what will be in this bill, if we’re going to lend Ted Kennedy’s name to something, let it be done in a way that keeps him in the fight to fulfill his vision right to the last, and which keeps his name on people’s lips when they are finally able to take their families to the doctor without fear of financial ruin, saying, “We’re covered by the Kennedy Plan.”‘…

    We are left to build on what he and all the others before him who worked for common good and equity before him, have left us. A legacy that still asks what can you do for your country, in the best sense.    

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