Updated: Obama Starts U.S. Military Hostilities Against Venezuela


President Obama is now deploying American Troops to Colombia to start new unprovoked Military hostilities against (neighboring) Venezuela, using the same advanced Predator Drone Airstrike technology that has been murdering thousands of innocent civilians throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan.

From The RawStory.com Obama Sends Soldiers And Drones To Venezeula’s Neighbor

American troops will soon find themselves stationed at military bases scattered across the South American nation of Colombia with a mission to use advanced Predator drone technology to “aid in fighting the drug trade” and to “combat terrorism”.

President Hugo Chavez warned, “the winds of war are beginning to blow.” Chavez has already accused Colombian troops of making an incursion over the border and regional tensions are running high.

Honduran de-facto President Rafael Correa also took exception, saying the United States would target Colombia’s neighbors. “It has also sparked concern from moderate Colombian allies, such as Chile and Brazil, who want assurances that U.S. forces won’t be operating outside Colombia’s territory,” The Wall Street Journal adds.

The “U.S. War on Drugs” has always been a fraud, as the United States CIA apparatus itself has long been directly responsibile for Drug Trafficking, Drug Trade, and associated money laundering and direct sponsorship of Drug Cartels. But in any case, fighting drug trade, if that is all the goal is here, is a Law Enforcement Operation and not a matter of U.S. Military Combat Soldiers and Bomb Dropping Predator Drone Airstrikes.  And just what was the so-called “terrorism” role of Venezuela in the Sept 11 attacks? or at any other time against U.S. citizens?  The answer: None…zip…zero….nada.

This is all just a cover story (propaganda) for the United States to illegally orchestrate a new major Military provocation and assault against the innocent civilians and nation of Venezuela (which the CIA also tried to overthrow during the early years of the Bush administration). Once again, the crooked U.S. Foreign Policy has not changed one damn bit with Bush gone, and Obama at the helm.

It should be well noted that Venezuela is an Oil Rich nation that posseses the largest Oil Reserves in the entire Western Hemisphere, and is the 5th largest exporter of Oil in the World. U.S. Oil Corporations have long tried to inflitrate and seize economic control of the Oil reserves from Venezuela. Back in May, President Hugo Chavez announced that his government would begin taking back control from some of the foreign oil contractors. “We’ll start recovering the goods and assets that will now belong to the state,” Chavez said in a televised speech late Thursday after the legislative vote.

Indeed there is Oil in them there hills, which is the real motivation and the real reason why Obama is creating brand new foreign policy chaos, and setting the stage for inevitable Military violence.  Flying Predator Drone Aircraft over the Columbian border into Venezuela will be the provocation to attract a response from Chavez, which of course will then be fraudulently misportrayed to fool people into thinking that Venezeula was the “aggressor”.  The unmanned, programmable bomb-dropping Drones will no doubt create violence and bloodshed (which is their only strategic function), yet this too will be blamed on Chavez.

This is the same playbook that Bush and Cheney used in 2002 against Iraq, when they sent airplanes that were painted to look like U.N. planes into Iraq in hopes that Saddam Hussein would try to shoot them down (Saddam didn’t take the bait, and also agreed to let the U.N. Inspectors in — despite Bush’s false claim that he didn’t). The Vietnam War was started in a similar fashion, with the CIA’s orchestrated “Gulf Of Tonkin” deception used by Lyndon Johnson to frauduently deceive the public, and members of Congress to launch massive Air and Combat operations in Vietnam. Obama is repeating The Bush-Johnson Warfare inspired corruption and chaos. Sadly we are stuck with 8 more dark years of offensive Warfare & bloodshed, including escalating Warfare, with this guy.

A Wall Street Journal article reports: Wall Street Journal

The Colombian and U.S. governments have concluded negotiations to let American troops use seven military bases in Colombia, Colombia’s Foreign Ministry said in a succinct news release late Friday. Colombia and the U.S. would sign the agreement within the next two weeks, Colombia’s largest newspaper, El Tiempo, said Saturday. The U.S. would be allowed to use five military air forces and two naval bases, according to El Tiempo.

Of course there will be those who think there is nothing wrong with this:

General James Cartwright and Defense Secretary Robert Gates also said this week the deal was not a unilateral move but the product of a partnership with Colombia designed to target drug cartels.

Sorry, I don’t believe that for a second.  Just what the heck do you need a Military scale Bomb Dropping Airforce for, if the only thing going on here is just a law enforcement exercise?

From the Wall Street Journal:

The agreement sparked strong opposition from Colombia’s regional opponents, Venezuelan and Ecuadorian presidents Hugo Ch├ívez and Rafael Correa, respectively, who suggested that U.S. forces would use the Colombian bases not to combat drugs but to target the country’s neighbors [Venezuela].


Like Iraq, and Iran, this is once again is really about Oil.

As if we don’t already have enough Military Operations, illegal Warfare, Foreign Occupations, waste of taxpayer’s money, and people needlessly getting killed and mamed as a direct result going on every day.


From www.chinaview.cn

“They are defaming and harassing us,” Chavez said. “The U.S. bases are a threat to the region, and the U.S. is seeking access to South American energy, water and food resources”.

Chavez also reiterated Venezuela’s goal of deepening relations with fellow South American nations, in a bid to counteract U.S. influence in the region. He again urged Washington to pull out its military bases from Latin America and stop interfering in other nations’ internal affairs.


From Reuters

CARACAS (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama is “lost in the Andromeda” galaxy on Latin American policy, his chief critic in the region, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, said on Sunday, while demanding the closure of U.S. military bases.

Last week Obama said critics of U.S. involvement in Latin America who are now asking Washington to do more to restore the ousted president of Honduras “can’t have it both ways.”

“We are not asking you to intervene in Honduras, Obama. On the contrary, we are asking that “the empire” get its hands off Honduras and get its claws out of Latin America,” Chavez said in a rambling weekly television and radio show.

“President Obama is lost in the Andromeda Nebula, he has lost his bearings, he doesn’t get it,” he said.

Chavez repeated that the United States had prior knowledge of the coup that deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya on June 28 and the military plane that flew Zelaya out of the country had used a U.S. base in Honduras.

The Venezuelan leader is furious, however, at a U.S. security agreement with Colombia that will give the Pentagon access to seven Colombian military bases. Chavez has cut trade with his neighbor as a reprisal.

The United States and Colombia say the deal is an expansion of an existing accord and will help fight drug traffickers and guerrillas involved in the Colombian cocaine trade. Chavez says a larger U.S. troop presence risks sparking war in the region.

Venezuela is planning to beef up its army by buying tanks and other weapons from Russia, Chavez said, adding that his country needs to be prepared for an attack.

Chavez claims the United States wants to control Venezuela’s huge oil reserves as well as the Amazon region.

“This is just the start of an imperial military expansion,” Chavez said of the U.S.-Colombian security arrangement.

Chavez asked Obama to withdraw U.S. forces from the Palmerola air base in Honduras (also known as Soto Cano) and from Guantanamo Bay which the U.S. Navy has used as a base in Cuba for over a century.

“Until when? Get with it, Obama — get with it, brother,” Chavez said.


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  1. Predator drones = for the children

    Predator drones = Democracy

    Predator drones = Love from a hellfire missile

    Nothing to worry about. They will be here before long.

    Meanwhile, take a look at the new DHS surveillance balloon.

    Balloons = fun for the whole family

  2. designed to target drug cartels.

    …my ass~! Hey guys, quit lying to us!

  3. As many people need to see this as possible..

  4. I feel more and more that General Dynamics and it’s patsy in the white house is doomed. They’re just going to hurt a lot of people with their drones before they go broke.

    • Inky99 on August 16, 2009 at 06:19

    Everyone else seems to have forgotten Panama, and Bush I’s invasion of it.

  5. Our last, best hope is the new boss, just the same as the old boss.  Nothing changes as long as power remains in the ones to which it is passed.

    Watch this.

    I got one with Keith in it.  I saw them in 1976, with Keith alive.  I am very saddened, but it is not unexpected.

    Be sure to respond to my essay tomorrow (well, tonight) at 9:00 Eastern.  We will talk about bovine growth hormone milk.

    Warmest regards,


    • Inky99 on August 16, 2009 at 10:44

    Because it is indeed a very ominous thing.  Along with everything else that’s just plain wrong about it — the waste of money, I mean how much fucking MONEY is this costing that we could use here?   Then there’s all the other Imperial insinuations, the throwback to the “Yankee Go Home” America of the past.

    • Inky99 on August 16, 2009 at 10:56

    The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

    Yes, our lovely Pentagon wants to deploy 400,00 soldiers here in the U.S., which is totally against the law.

    Doesn’t matter, they want to CHANGE the law.

    Scary stuff.

  6. from a thing running in your basement that you would never have to touch.  But no.  How do you control people.   You make them dependent upon you for the things they need in life.


  7. Thank you for putting this up.

    I didn`t know about the New foray into South America.

  8. It’s all very scary stuff!  Now, Congress wants $130 billion more for the wars.  

    Congress is very close to final passage of another $130 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for FY 2010. This comes on top of the approximately $73 billion for the two wars that was included in the FY 2009 Supplemental. The House roll- call vote on the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill was 400-30, with large numbers of previously antiwar Congressional representatives voting in favor. To view the roll-call: roll- call  

    After the August recess, House and Senate will need to reconcile their bills and will vote on this again.

    Members of Congress Need to Hear from Us Now !!. . . . h/t David Swanson

    And, add this to the growing list of potential aggressions:

    Georgian soldiers in May, taking part in exercises organized by NATO, over Russian objections.


    Published: August 13, 2009

    WASHINGTON – The United States is resuming a combat training mission in the former Soviet republic of Georgia to prepare its army for counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan, despite the risks of angering Russia, senior Defense Department officials said Thursday.

    The training effort is intended to prepare Georgian troops to fight at NATO standards alongside American and allied forces in Afghanistan, the Pentagon officials said. . . .

    Gotta’ get that GD OIL — EVERYWHERE!  I don’t think there’s any end to any of these aggressions — unless, eventually a bomb is dropped on us in retaliation for our plundering and killing.  

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