Interesting Times

So we split the atom.  Now we can heat thousands of homes or incinerate thousands of homes.  Some people get luck and win the lottery but me, no I get the sociopath’s trifecta.

Short story number one.

My daughter got into the dog breeding business but later got pregnant and decided to cut back.  She gave a dog away.  That dog happened to be pregnant.  Despite all my daughter’s efforts to help,take the dogs back the woman based upon an error by her veterinarian badmouths my daughter and my wife.  She keeps the dogs,8 of them potentially $1500 each by threatening to call ASPCA for animal abuse.  The sociopathic attack mode in this instance has been truely bizzare and I’m not just saying that because it’s my daughter I am making an attempt to blame society, this post 911 assholianistic world.

Continuing saga of sociomom

There is a financial meeting next week.  After five years of doing this shit the conclusions are.

Me nor any member of my family will ever benefit from what my parents had.

Health care has been militarized and if you have aging parents paid agencies abound but will remove you from the medical communities decisions about their care.  Also the financial and legal professionals do suck up the money by preventing rational planning with Satanic legal limits.

End of the Apocalytic Ranch

The idyllic days of stepping back in time are over.  The horses have to be sold and my pregnant daughter with her unemployed family are loosing their house.  Son-in-laws mother told her son to choose between your wife or your mother.  Knowing my daughter I think that marriage is over.

So with that as background Americans see the phrase interesting times and think wonderful things but the Chinese I’m told take it as a curse.  Here in America I think the 5% population of sociopaths rise to the top and the 95% being “good” oriented simply can’t see the big lies.

Toxic stuff

Diet anything has always left an aftertaste kind of like battery acid

The new flavored waters also do it to me

Reports of skin rashes from suburban swimming pools-baking soda helps

The intellectual vacuum which is TeeVee news

The job screeners

Kronos and Unicru

Again technology gets in the way of you actually getting a job

Technologies of Satan

Electronic, automatic bill pay, pay by phone, bank by internet all of it one step closer to the implantable Mark of the Beast very impersonal society.  The longer you say no…….

Ah, maybe the needles of October will take care of it all.

For real news.

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  1. Ted and the end of the Camelot era?

    October the end of unemployment benefits

    Don’t know if New Hampshire is going to line up it’s citizens for shots yet.

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