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“Fear is the mindkiller, the little death.”

Frank Herbert

Fear is the death of reason.

And we are soaking in it.

Everybody is afraid of something right now. The wingnuts are afraid of death panels and Kenyans. The Liberals are afraid of the Wingnuts bursting into flames and violence.

The Centrist Dems are afraid of the Leftist Dems, and the Leftist Dems are afraid that Obama and Rahm et al are selling them out. And everybody is afraid of the future right now, because the future is so unshaped. The Right is afraid that the world will change too much, and the Left is afraid that the world will change too little.

And at the center of all this fear is a man. A man whose supporters built up in to some kind Superman who can save us all from all of the problems we face (in order to get him elected)…Or on ther other side, a man who will destory America for the “Real Americans.”

A man, it turns out, who is just a man after all. A man who everyone on the Left and the Right think is in charge, thinks is so powerful that he can either order their granny put to death, or who they think is infallible enough to deserve their blind trust. Each side has their delusions about who this man is and each wants him to be powerful enough to either prove their fears right so that they can revolt, or wants him to be so powerful that they can stop thinking and working because he is in charge. But he is not in charge.

Chaos, the kind of chaos that is absolutely necessary for real Change to occur is the only thing in charge right now.

Chaos and the fear it brings.

In times of chaos and fear their is only one thing that everyone, on all sides, agree on…..SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!!

We MUST either fight or not fight, flee or not flee, adopt this startegy or condemn that strategy as the one that will be the final straw that KILLS US ALL!!!

My fear tells me one thing and I listen to it, your fear tells you another thing and you listen to it. I yell out my fear and you yell out your fear and our fears begin to fight. Then someone yells out that everyone should just calm down and our fears unite to turn and fight that person, whose fear has told them that this is all getting out of control and s/he must tell everyone to calm down and STFU.

We roil about in the mud of fear and chaos and yell and pull each others hair and there is only one winner….the fear itself.

Then we all get tired. Then something happens….as it always does….to calm or dissolve our fear. And we all return to some degree of rationality. But we are all then just a little more afraid, a little less trusting, and a little heavier burdened with grudges and resentments.

Which just makes it easier for the next wave of fear to grab us by the scruff of the neck and shake us all about.

In the past, in times of fear, we have looked to our leaders to step up. To calm the fears and to implement levelheaded solutions. That won’t work this time. Because we are coming out of a time, a time long enough to seem like an era, where the “Leaders” of society USED and encouraged fear, instead of quelling it. And in the process of using fear as a political and cultural tool, found it necessary to abolish what were once the court of last resort to address our fears…..facts.

Nothing is demonstrably true anymore. The RW is demonstrating that very vividly right now, in the form of the Birthers. But it is not limited to them. You throw a ‘fact’ at me, and I throw a contradictory ‘fact’ at you. If we don;t agree that those are ‘facts’….they aren’t. By definition. And George Bush and Karl Rove and Fox news have taught us all how to cast enough doubt on any fact to make it….not a ‘fact.’

So all we are left with is trust. The Wingers trust in Rush, The Centrists trust in Obama, and The Leftists trust that they will be sold out….again.

And all of us trust that our fears are justified, and that our fear is more important than the other guys fear.

And fear wins again.

Yeah, I have some ideas as to what we can do about it. The only problem is…. that the people who fear me will be sure I am lying, becuase that feeds their fear. And as we all can see with a casual glance, fear is always hungry. And there is always someone ready to feed it, if they think that will benefit them…or their fear.

So there is only one thing left to say, quoting one of our last true leaders, who was trusted by Most of the People, Most of the Time….and who Time has proved mostly to be right over the decades.

Perhaps it is the last fact left.

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Or to rephrase it…..fear will not lead us out of chaos.

And there is only ONE person who can deal with YOUR fear.


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  2. But fear, no. Don’t see that at all from those of us on the left.

  3. and The Leftists trust fear that they I will be sold out….again.

    Help me!  I don’t want to fear this.  I don’t want to believe this.  Maybe I should keep repeating Dr. Pangloss’ reassuring phrase:

    This is the best of all possible worlds!


  4. Or, if not fear (thank you, Wilburforce) at least cause for contemplation and understanding.

    Since we have created:



    We need to grapple with fear, death, extinction until we find a new and different means to survival.

    And, yes, Wilburforce, it’s more than fear.

    • TomP on August 11, 2009 at 8:45 pm


    • Joy B. on August 11, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, but I don’t recall being afraid when I was younger, either. I wasn’t afraid when they sentenced me to die at the age of seven, when there were no treatments for leukemia caused by atmospheric bomb testing. I decided I wasn’t going to die, so I didn’t. Hell, it was those stupid Duck-and-Cover drills in grade school that finally convinced me it was nothing but bad theatrics – and that was DURING the Cuban Missile Crisis! Drop your bombs or drop your threats, assholes. I dare ya! Turned out that I gaged the situation better than the frightened adults all around us did, and I didn’t die then either.

    I was not afraid when TMI melted down and the truth as well as good advice was slim to nonexistent from all corners of Those Who Know. So I put myself on the line, stole the truth out from under them, and proceeded to tell it. They did not manage to kill all of us. But if they had, it wouldn’t have changed the truth one bit. Once again I didn’t die, and it wasn’t because I cowered in fear.

    I was not afraid when my son bled to death in my arms of horrendous evil and gross malpractice one night, though I was completely helpless and that may be worse. Death is not some fearsome enemy, though fearsome enemies can kill you. That’s a good reason to fight them, or seek justice. A better reason to take a stand than fear of death.

    My tenant bears don’t scare me either. They make me aware enough to sling the pellet gun when I’m harvesting tomatoes, carry a sturdy sapling pole when walking up the driveway or down to de-silt the spring, make noise when I hike, keep an eye on the tree line. That’s not fear, it’s preparation and recognition that yeah, there’s bears right there in the rhodo-thicket. They’re more frightened of me in truth than I am of them. Just as it should be and the very attitude they will read in me. Because they can.

    Politics is just a game humans play. Fun and fascinating to watch, important to participate in to whatever degree justifies bitching rights (because it’s mostly just lies), nifty as a source of the histories that get written – eventually – whether they’re true or not.

    Which is not to say I don’t get angry. I do. Anger can be a shield, a weapon, or a weakness. Best used when one is skilled in proper deployment, though since I’m Irish, that sometimes is difficult. ยง;o)

  5. Stuff happens one way or another! I can’t control anything but my little old self and I refuse to be afraid. Pissed,yes! But no fear.

  6. Interesting parallels.  

    I only take issue that Leftists operate from fear, too.  I’m just not quite sure that’s the case.  Concern and fear are too different attributes.

    Yep, I’m a cheerleader for us Leftists!  Yesiree!!!!!!!


    • Edger on August 11, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    Heh. So is spell checking, apparently ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • sharon on August 11, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    i’ve never been one much for fear.  usually dig in and figure out what can be done incrementally to solve the problem.

    however, my mum did scare the livin’ daylights out of me last week when visiting her.  i was coming back from a walk with the dog and had just settled in at the dining table when i heard someone coming down the stairs at a time when she should have still been at a luncheon.  i had left the front door unlocked when i’d gone out with the dog and and i was in a place where i couldn’t see who was on the stairs.  she’d put her car in the garage and gone upstairs for a nap while i was out.  i called out “hello?” trying to sound as fearless as possible, i was very glad to hear her laugh knowing she’d scared the crap out of me.  so much for absolute fearlessness.

  7. I mean facts that blow away trivial stuff like health care, birthers and even my favorite 911 truthers.


    The videos are coming in about it.  Huge spaceships taken from Apollo missions.  Bases on Mars and the four known alien races watching what we are doing.  We are indeed a primitive savage race.

    • sharon on August 12, 2009 at 4:01 am

  8. and we need our well-funded, milquetoast progressive groups to step up and organize it.

    We Need to Be The Change.  We Need Demonstrations and Protests

  9. The certainty of destruction allows the fear of it to wash away.

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