Dr. Dean on KO: End-of-life is going back in, GOP screwing themselves, with polling data

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Dr. Dean on Keith Olbermann video at bottom of diary

   The GOP is hoping that all the old people in America will freak out over whatever they can say to scare Grampa, but it isn’t working on anybody else.

It’s easier to scare older people than it is younger ones.

    What is interesting here, other than the majority support after all the GOP scare tactics and the media hysteria, is that even though people like what they have, they understand that what they have is quickly vanishing, 14,000 people a day, and that what they have now will cost more each coming year if the GOP and the status quo has their way.


   And though it may work on the wingnuts and the low information McCain voters, it simply isn’t working on anyone else.

   Well, when I look at some polls based on age, something really glaring comes out.

Has anybody in our idiot media noticed that there are ZERO young or minority Americans at these astroturf heavy town halls? (not counting children dragged along by their wingnut parents)

    This seems to be the response the GOP wishes to receive from our nation’s elderly.

    The good thing is, it isn’t working to move the entire 60-65+ demographic towards the GOP. Rather, it is turning off anyone who isn’t a rabid wingnut to begin with.


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Right-wing bloggers at annual conference admit to being ‘outgunned’ by progressives.

The RightOnline conference starting tomorrow morning at the Sheraton Station Square will have about a quarter of the 2,000 attendees at the liberal conference in the convention center, and only about 20 speakers to the 400 at Netroots. …

Right-wing activists know very well they are being out-gunned by the left online, which is precisely why they are holding the conference. They held the first RightOnline convention in Austin, Texas, to coincide with last year’s Netroots Nation meeting there, too.



For the week ending August 9, 2009

Group Approve Change Group Approve Change
Overall: 56% +2
Democrats 90% +3 White 47% +1
Independents 52% +5 Hispanic 77% +9
Republicans 17% -3 Black 96% +2
Age 18-29 67% +3 East 60%
Age 30-49 55% +2 Midwest 58% +5
Age 50-64 56% +2 South 51% +4
Age 65+ 48%
West 58%

   We picked up 4 points in the south? While Nazi Racist Death threats were going on? While all the canned outrage was being unleashed? The backlash against CT politics is going to kick in, and it is going to be really ugly for the GOP.

    So, old people pretty much hate change, but young people and non-caucasian Americans are very strongly in favor of President Obama, and those numbers are going up, not down.

    Much has been made of the Town Halls, but they are NOT REFLECTIVE of the overall electorate. Rather, it is kinda like FOX News and the GOP put out a big sign that says Freep This Town Hall!!!, but it ain’t working, and though the wingnuts are eating it up and the old folks are scared, the rest of America ain’t falling for it.

While 34% say the protests make them more sympathetic to the protestors’ viewpoints, 21% say less sympathetic; 36% say they haven’t affected their views either way


   This sounds really scary until you realize that most town halls that are disruptive, and therefore juicy enough to cover, are being held in small town America and not urban centers. 34% are more sympathetic because they were probably Republican leaning in the first place, which kinda takes the steam out of it, but no doubt Gallup won’t frame it like that.

   So, what does one Gallup poll prove? Well, let’s look at some others.

    Most Americans over 50 oppose President Obama’s strategy for reforming U.S. healthcare, while younger ones tend to favor

it, a poll released Wednesday suggests.

    Overall, 50 percent of the respondents said they favored Obama’s plan, while 45 percent said they opposed it, the CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll found.


   The older portion of America, who voted mostly for McCain/You Betcha, are the current focus of most of the media coverage, but the fact is that these are the people who voted against President Obama and are unlikely to change their minds anytime soon.

   The scare tactics that the GOP is using may be working on older Americans and the dittoheads that never question Jabba The Rush, but other Americans are sure to be turned off by these tactics, none more so then young 18-29 voters and minorities.


RCP Average 7/27 – 8/12 — Sample 53.1 40.5 +12.6
FOX News 08/11 – 08/12 900 RV 53 40 +13
Gallup 08/10 – 08/12 1547 A 53 40 +13
Rasmussen Reports 08/10 – 08/12 1500 LV 47 52 -5
Marist 08/03 – 08/06 845 RV 55 35 +20
Zogby 07/31 – 08/04 1005 LV 53 38 +15
CNN/Opinion Research* 07/31 – 08/03 1136 A 56 40 +16
Ipsos/McClatchy 07/30 – 08/03 1005 A 58 37 +21
Quinnipiac 07/27 – 08/03 2409 RV 50 42 +8


   Okay, throw out Rasmussen which is usually slanted right and Marist for being over optimistic and you still have some glaring numbers to look at.

   The fact is, calling Obama a Nazi is not helping anyone except the usual GOP hardcore wingnuts. I don’t see the GOP backing down. They have already gone Godwin, so they will certainly press forward with teh stupid.

   According to our own Research2000 polling, the numbers by age group and region point out the GOP as not only a regional minority party, but a very white and old party at that

ALL 60 36 4
MEN 53 43 4
WOMEN 67 29 4
DEM 87 9 4
REP 7 91 2
IND 67 28 5
OTH/REF 60 34 6
NON Voters 69 27 4
WHITE 53 44 3
BLACK 91 5 4
LATINO 70 24 6
OTHER 70 24 6
18-29 82 14 4
30-44 50 45 5
45-59 66 30 4
60+ 47 49 4
NE 85 10 5
SOUTH 32 64 4
MIDWEST 67 29 4
WEST 65 32 3


    I think key numbers to look at are Non-voters, independants and 18-29 voters. Many of there people may be just starting their experience in politics and voting, and therefore are very impressionable. If Democrats can appeal to them by governing effectively, or if Republicans continue to use rhetoric that is over the top and psuedo racist, many oof these voters could swell Democratic majorities for years to come.

Poll: Mitt Romney Favored for Republican 2012 Presidential Nomination

A new poll names the top five Republican presidential candidates for 2012

Posted July 20, 2009

1.Mitt Romney favored by 26 percent of Republicans

2.Sarah Palin favored by 21 percent of Republicans

3.Mike Huckabee favored by 19 percent

4.Newt Gingrich favored by 14 percent

5.Tim Pawlenty favored by 3 percent


   Of course, the Ron Paul bots will factor in here, as he did finish third in the 2008 primaries, and this doesn’t consider the fact that Sarah Palin will continue to be a total idiot for the forseeable future, but the polling shows there is no strong candidate for the GOP going into 2010 when the primaries on the right will start heating up, and when individual fund raising is so important.

   Prepare for the delightful bloodshed of a GOP circular firing squad.

   It is going to take a lot for the GOP to pull back any major gains in 2010 if this keeps up, and without a clear candidate going into 2012 the odds of a One-term Obama Presidency do not look good.

   The GOP is NOT winning any new voters with the tactics they are using. Rather, they are driving them away in droves. Even if a Huckabee or Romney candidacy does emerge, younger voters are very unlikely to be wowed by Fiscal Conservativism or Evagelical religion. Those voters probably are more eco-orientated and liberal than the older, more conservative crowd that carried the GOP for so long.

   I don’t want to make any predictions, but I will let Dr. Dean do so for me.

Dean:      “The way the Republicans are playing they are digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole. ”


KO:     “But, are the end of life provisions going to be in this bill? Or is this just the first thing that got cut out? ”

Dean:     “They’ll be in the bill because this has nothing to do with death panels, or any of that stuff, they’re  just making that up, and I think at the end of the day you gotta have a decent bill and that’s part of it.”


Dean:     “I would venture to bet, guess that 90% of the people who are shaking their fist and shouting down Congressmen didn;t vote for Obama in the first place.”

    This is welcome news and very relevantt but this final part of what Dr. Dean says is the real money maker, in my opinion.

Dean:     “I think, you know, I think these guys are digging themselves a deep hole, and they will encourage their base, and their base will get all excersized, but as I said before their base is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. I think, you know, their doing themselves enormous damage for their future and frankly, the smart thing to do is step out of the way and let them keep doing this to themselves. Nobody really truthfully except for the most faithful of the far right really believes there is a death panel in this bill, nobody believes that, and the more they talk like this the harder it’s gonna be to convince anybody that there is much substance to their proposals at all.”

   My advice. Don’t panic. Don’t despair. Yeah, it sucks that we have some Democratic Republicans in the blue DOg/ConservaDem coalitions, but I am willing to bet that President Obama will not be a one term President, and if we can grow our majorities in the House and Senate while culling out some of the Dogs, we can really begin to push an aggresive progressive agenda.

   So, get more popcorn, it is going to be a long, dumb 3 1/2 – 7 1/2 more years.  


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  1. don’t believe the media. Freep this town hall isn’t working, and the backlash is on the way for the GOP.

  2. pol on the tv these days, not to mention the most honest and ethical. I sure ‘hope’ Obama sticks to the public option because without it Dean is right this is not even reform it’s just a bail out for the insurance co’s. The right wing nuts are treated by the media as ‘grassroots’ or mainstreet. It really pisses me off and they do not talk at all about the blue dogs or ever have actual liberals who want single payer on? The pols seem clueless about the populace the actual  people, who need and want a system that doesn’t steal you blind and refuse to treat you. I’m sick of having to hear this pig ignorance and hate, spewed at me from the TV.

    These people have no interest in a democracy or common good they just want the nasty ass Bushies back. They should not even be considered let alone be part of the dialog. They give the odious blue dogs cover. Speaking of Dogs the big one has been spreading the weasel fictitious about what American’s want. This worked for him during his reign but I think after what’s been done people are not so willing to believe that corporatism and privatizing and free market are the American way, and feeling our pain is not enough. The tea leaf readers of the poll numbers are once again being used to paint the right the center. The Democrats may lose seats but for the opposite reason, they are in the bag, and corrupt as hell.      


  3. sap in the world but this picture of Slinkerwink with Dr Dean at NN09 just made me cry.

    Dean on KO last night just made so down to earth and making sense.

    Stop that! STOP that you sane Democrats! Whats wrong with you? Is this any way to govern??

    Isn’t it s’posed to be like this?


    {shaking head}

    • dkmich on August 16, 2009 at 11:07 pm


    So, old people pretty much hate change, but young people and non-caucasian Americans are very strongly in favor of President Obama, and those numbers are going up, not down.

    Hs nothing to do with change.  There is no change and will not be any change.  This is about young and naive vs. older nd wiser.  Older people have been around the block once or twice, and know Obama and the Democrats are all talk and no go.  

  4. Ministry this is a highly informative read. I enjoy your diaries on kos as well, and must compliment you on spurring some of the personal stories that have popped up as a result of your indefatigable diarying.

    just ell me -are those signs in the last pic actually for real?

    pretty funny.

    stay healthy.

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