DD Writers: August Online Workshop

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PLEASE NOTE (update): This is Part One. We’ve moved on to Part Two here. Hurry up! 🙂

Docudharma has such an abundance of talent.

Writers, ring in, speak up.

I have a scathingly brilliant idea. (Uh oh!)

sick of writing Pictures, Images and Photos

dive in…

This was sparked yesterday in this Essay from ek. Here’s my comment from there. (I am lazy, yes, but also pressed for time today, a little).

Let me give this a whack.

Im happy that The Dog is going to NN09 but I dont think many others from DD are. We’ll be here as usual, eh? Well, it just so happens the dates coincide with my husbands trip to NYC to his convention so I will have about five glorious days all to myself. (Kid doesnt count, she’s self sufficient!)

August 12 through 16th… or so… next week.

Would anybody here want to maybe DO something…fun… here? Over that weekend. Like, what, maybe our own little Writers Workshop something. Or a Round Robin Write-a-thon! I dont know. Still thinking.

Ideas? Feedback?

I know we have a good variety of writers here, some more “serious” than others. And perhaps an “aspiring” or two also, who might benefit from the wisdom of others. There is, of course, a few regular series style diaries at GOS, (like this one from Sensible Shoes) but I thought it would be interesting to have something of our own here. A mini series, for starters, and see where it goes.

I’m sure there’s a numbers of “Topics” we could discuss, but I don’t know all the resources or talent within the membership here, so you’ll have to … er … volunteer (comment away!).

What say ye?

Who’s in?

5PM EDIT: Yes, Im suggesting a “Round Robin”, see comments.

If anyone has specific  stuff on that that would be better to not “SPOIL” publicly, drop me an email. i.e. Ideas for Theme, Title, First Line Jump-starts….etc.

ladylibertine22 at yahoo dot com


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  1. Photobucket

    • Edger on August 3, 2009 at 20:12

    but I’ll be here…

    • RiaD on August 3, 2009 at 22:19

    to do a thing where….

    like you write a bit at the beginning, the essay as it were…

    then, say edger shows up & adds his bit to it,

    then i show up & add mine….

    etc, etc, etc

    there would have to be ‘rulz’ like no killing off someone elses character…. you must write a minimum of __ sentences…

    leave the last sentence half written(?)

    i dunno. it might turn out like crap. but it might be fun.

  2. …but I, like Edger, will hop in and out.

  3. I’ll be there when I can.  And I’ll look forward to it.

    Maybe you could make it a Round Robyn.  Just saying.

    • jamess on August 4, 2009 at 02:09

    here’s a variation of the Round Robin idea,

    that we did in one of my writing courses,

    back in college (at one of the Big Ten Universities, woooh!)

    It’s a variation on “Secret Santa”.

    Students write down on slips of paper,

    “a topic” they’d like to know more about,

    but never had time to research.

    All slips go into a hat,

    and then everyone picks one out of the hat.

    Then each person’s got to write a 1-2 page essay on the “random” topic,

    targeted for a general audience.

    In class, I think we had a day to write the essay, and then read it to class.

    It required kind of out-of-the-box thinking and writing

    that challenges you to move out of your “comfort zone” and to break out your “writing rut” — assuming you’re stuck in one of those, lol.

    Not sure about my availability in mid August?

    I’ll try to participate if I can.

    Another class exercise we did, was team up with someone else in the class,

    and then edit one of the other person’s recent essays, for “clarity and precision”.

    That was one painful exercise, I tell ya. (“NO, don’t delete any MORE my words!”) …. But I also learned a lot my style, from that pain, lol.

    According to many successful writers “clarity and precision” are the keys to connecting with their readers. (ie. the practice of “saying more with less” — by precisely choosing just the right “fewer words”.)


    and “blog on”, people.

  4. a thumbs up then, buhdy, m’kay?

    (thanks for the bump)

  5. DD Writers On the Storm

    or just plain

    DD Writers Jam Fest



    Ill work up a new essay with some more fine tuning, structure and call-outs and post tomorrow.

    Thanks for the feedback so far. This should be fun.


    oh, and I went scavenging for pics. I like this.

    But if anybody with nothing better to do wants to come up with something, thats cool too. Just for fun. heh.


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  7. Workshop! I ‘ll so be there! Love to learn to write better.

    • dkmich on August 5, 2009 at 12:16

    I haven’t been participating all that much lately, but I am still here in body and spirit.   Have fun.  

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