Apocalypse Horse Camping

Yes, we brought the horses into the woods.  The rock filled roads were hard on their feet though.

The Maine logging trucks were friendly, slowing down to not scare the horses.  These pasture ponies were outside of their element now under high evergreen tree cover and skittish about being under a tarp which waved in the wind.

Rural is different.  One starts to see Baptist churches.  There were young Marines selling candy bars in front to the WalMart Super Center and the gas station attendants(an unheard of thing in Massachusetts) asked if I wanted to gas up the ATV in the back of the pickup.  Life is simple and good.  I build the campfires daily.  Steve cooks and his son brought a young friend who I dubbed Knight of the Fourth Veil.  We had in depth conversations on the myriad dysfunctionalities of contemporary “American” life and all things “conspiracy”.

He was well informed, far more so than these rural dwellers.

From wearechange.org and excellent primer on our future.


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  1. Clip about teaching children how to “cough” into their sleeves.  Very much like the “duck and cover” program of the fifties.

    Next up was another blurb about giving your fingerprints when applying for a job.  Really, Seig fucking Heil this new corpo-fasicst totalitarian New World.

    Should have stayed in the woods.

    • Joy B. on August 9, 2009 at 17:04

    If one were to examine what Aldous Huxley termed the “Perennial Philosophy” – the set of commonalities (experiential) in all human spiritual systems from time immemorial – one might note the role of conflict. Good versus evil, right vs. wrong, the constant struggle to first define the terms, then to accord one’s belief and actions toward that which one ‘knows’ to be correct. The old Adam and Eve dilemma. i.e., so you wanted to KNOW good and evil? Here ya go…

    Human growth on the consciousness level requires a certain conflict in order to enable choices. This of course means that in any given generation or block of time, most will avoid being conscious and making choices because doing so requires a certain amount of personal responsibility (and it’s a lot easier to just march in lockstep and let someone else do the defining and the choosing). This isn’t necessarily “unnatural” to humanity, or even particularly bad/wrong/evil.

    It’s just a small step along the path, wherever it may be leading. ยง;o)

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