Afghan vote called “mockery”

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So you can bet this will be completely underreported in the United States, or not at all.

I find it almost humorously ironic that a man who stole an election in the United States then invaded a country where he set up a faux Democracy, and the puppet that he installed has now proceeded to steal his own election.

All the while we spend $133 million dollars a day — $5.5 million bucks an HOUR, 24/7 to have our military in said puppet’s country, loading taxpayer money into Big Corporate’s pockets.  

It’s almost a perfect perpetual-motion machine of corruption.

This from The Toronto Star:

Afghan vote called ‘mockery’

On the videotape, a couple of mooks are shown blithely filling out a slew of ballots for President Hamid Karzai. Tick-mark. Tick-mark. Tick-mark.

Says one to the other: “We should at least include a few for Dr. Abdullah, don’t you think?”

The man in question, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, can’t prevent a bemused chortle from escaping his lips as he watches the video clips, surreptitiously shot, that purport to show brazen vote-rigging by Karzai boosters of both minnow and barracuda variety – from anonymous foot soldiers to the head of the Independent Election Commission in Ghazni province.

It is, indeed, to laugh. It is, perchance, to cry. It might become a matter of vocal citizen demonstration, too, beyond the formal complaints – some 100 – that Team Abdullah has already registered with authorities over alleged fraud in Afghanistan’s national elections.

This presidential vote, the second-ever democratic poll in Afghanistan, but the first organized and mounted by Afghans themselves, is rapidly turning into a wreck.

I know, almost nobody here in the United States really gives a shit about any of this, nobody cares about the 30 plus American soldiers killed in Afghanistan last month, or cares about the $5.5 million an HOUR we’re wasting there, nor do they care about the civilians and children slaughtered by the Corporate Welfare Military Machine wherein we enrichen Big Corporations in America by murdering people in foreign countries using Very Expensive Equipment.

It’s not really any of our concern, and after all, our Great Leader, the result of a marketing campaign that would make Coca Cola proud, has given his official PR lip-service to this near-ritualistic human sacrifice by telling us that it’s a “good war” and “just” and “necessary” and all of that rot.   Sure, they used to throw virgins into volcanos, now we bring the high-tech volcanos to the poorest people on earth and butcher them by the score to keep our “way of life” going.

Just another form of human sacrifice, really, although you have to respect the Aztecs, at least they would get their hands dirty and have to deal with the blood coursing down through their toes when they physically hacked the hearts out of their victims.  Not so with us, we do it now without even leaving the mini-mall in Nevada.

And we install our own puppets in said countries who have learned from our Great Leaders of the past eight years or so that if you want something, you should just go out and steal it.   You’ll probably get away with it, and if you’re busted, who cares, let them TRY to move you out of power.

“This shows the tragedy that the incumbent has taken this country to,” Abdullah remarked, sadly. “If widespread rigging is ignored, this is the type of regime that will be imposed on Afghanistan for the next five years. They’ve broken every law, taken every principle and value to its lowest level.”

Speaking to Afghans, Abdullah added he would accept no deal with Karzai: “I will not compromise your rights in exchange for anything.”

Asked if he feared violence might erupt by Afghans outraged over dubious results, Abdullah said: “I hope not. People don’t want to resort to violence. All our efforts have been to bring stability and better rule of law to this country.”

As of yesterday, the Election Complaints Commission – headed by Canadian Grant Kippen – had received 1,157 complaints. Fifty-four have been designated as high priority, meaning they could directly affect the election results.

How many Afghans, out of the 15 million eligible, actually voted? Dunno, says chief electoral officer Daoud Najafi, ask me later.

Much later, also, is the ETA for a ratified nationwide result – with partial figures being rolled out for days, maybe weeks, to come.

Stayed tuned. Or, as many disillusioned Afghans have clearly done already, tune out.

Yup, tune out like so many Americans are now tuning out.   Obama, it turns out, is just another pol, just another liar, just another corporate tool and PR hack.  

It’s the American Way.   Now spreading throughout the world.  

The American Way is this:   Do whatever you can get away with.   If you’re getting away with it, it’s okay.   If it’s easy, get away with even more.   When they still don’t stop you, keep going.   Milk them for all it’s worth until you bleed them dry.  Then move on to a new country.  

How much shit will Americans eat?   It’s astounding, isn’t it?   There seems to be no limit in sight.   Not even close.  

Here’s George Carlin’s take on it.  


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  1. is farce.  Excuse me, sir, for believing in democracy!

    • banger on August 28, 2009 at 18:25

    I somewhat disagree with his “solution” though it is logical and I admire his reasoning.

    I’ve seen what is possible when people work together synergetically. I’ve studied various techniques that show that a clear and centered state of mind allow us to find the natural weak points of opponents and note the proper timing that allows us to turn other people’s aggression into type of submission without extreme violence.

    Carlin, is our most neglected and underestimated intellectual.  

  2. Where we have a military base for attacking Afghanistan.  

    I don’t believe that the CIA was unaware of the impending coup in Honduras either, and maybe was involved.  Certainly people trained by them were.

    Just off the top of my head, in the last 8 years we have Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti that the US was directly involved in.  Anyone remember that Haiti had a democracy just a few years ago until Bush destroyed it ?

    There was also a CIA plot to overturn the elections in Venezuela that was discovered and failed.

    The last presidential election in Mexico was very, very questionable, and Calderon had ‘advisors’ from Bush’s campaign– the same guys that got us Bush in 2000.  

    So, what’s changed?

    To recap, in 8 short months of Obama, we have a coup in Honduras with school of the Americas graduates (still training them, and sending money down there btw) , a fixed election favoring our new friends in Kyrgyzstan, a fixed election (and expanded war) in Afghanistan, oh yeah, and drone attacks on Pakistan.  

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