When All We’ve Got Is Hurt

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The assault has been brutal.

Insurance industry flacks, raving RePugs, craven Blue Dogs and K Street hacks have been beating the hell out of health care reform for weeks.  Senator Jim DeMint (Orc) South Carolina is blasting it as National Socialism.  The Mighty Wurlitzer up there in the organ loft of the Bipartisan Church of Beltway Believers has been cranked up to full volume, the choir is piously singing Onward Centrist Soldiers, the congregation is rolling in the aisles, speaking in tongues, the holy saints of Blue Cross and CIGNA must be defended, the trumpets have sounded, the heathens are at the gates, the Capitalists of Christ are no longer going to tolerate the unjust slandering of his Good Samaritan health insurance providers.  Verily, the Prince of Profits has said unto them: those evil unhinged godless Leftists bent upon destroying the best health care system in the world must be slain and cast into the Lake of Fire.              

As Armageddon approaches, the immaculately centrist Gang of Six is offering some friendly advice to Obama. They’re saying what reciters of the Catechism of Centrism always say when a Democratic President needs to be reminded that elections only have consequences when RePugs win them . . .  

Bipartisanship is a temple,

It’s a higher law,

Bipartisanship is a temple,

It’s the higher law.

We’ve all heard their sermons, we’ve all heard them singing the praises of bipartisanship, we’ve all seen them telling Obama to sing along, telling him to join them in moderate fellowship, telling him to enter that Cathedral of Centrism and worship beside them.

Yeah.  We’ve all seen it.

They ask Obama to enter,

But then they make him crawl.

So American soldiers are still dying, the NSA is still spying, CIA drones are still flying, Big Pharma, the Lords of Drugs, Blue Cross hacks and CIGNA thugs are still lying.  We’re told we have to be patient while our wise and caring leaders decide what’s best for us, we’re told there must be compromise, we’re told we have to hold onto the healthcare we’ve got until a few drops of reform finally trickle down from on high later this year or maybe next year or the year after that.    

Well we can’t be holding on,

To what we’ve got,

When all we’ve got is hurt . . .


The Gang of Six.  The RePugs of Bush and Cheney.  Proud guardians of fiscal responsibility. Principled icons of mainstream America.  Moderate killers of one million Iraqi men, women, and children.  Tell me, Gang of Six.  Tell me, RePugs.  Tell me, gutter crawlers of K Street, invaders of Iraq, defenders of war criminals and whores of the war machine, how much lower are you going to sink into the slime of Beltway corruption and treachery before you finally hit bottom?  How many more Americans will you betray?  How many more?

Lost Love Pictures, Images and PhotosShe just wanted her husband to come home alive from that war for oil you sent him off to fight because Bush told you to, because you’re frauds, because you sold your souls for power.

Did she ask too much?

More than a lot?

You gave her nothing,

Now it’s all she’s got.

They knew love,

But you’re not the same,

You hurt the helpless,

Then you do it again.

You say you love America,

But your souls are dark and dead,  

You’re just out there playing Jesus,

To the lepers in your head.

So here we are.  It’s time for Obama to put up or shut up, it’s time for him to keep at least one of his promises.  

The Washington Post . . .

Six months into his presidency, Barack Obama may have no greater test of his ability to translate personal popularity into a successful legislative agenda than the upcoming two weeks.  With skepticism about the president’s health-care reform effort mounting on Capitol Hill–even within his own party–the White House has launched a new phase of its strategy designed to dramatically increase public pressure on Congress: all Obama, all the time.

Senior White House aides promise “an aggressive public and private schedule” for Obama as he presses his case for reform, including a prime-time news conference on Wednesday, a trip to Cleveland, and heavy use of Internet video to broadcast his message beyond the reach of the traditional media.

According to a senior White House aide: “It’s time to raise the stakes on this.”

I’ve got news for you, stake raiser.  The stakes were raised long ago, they were raised by the Repugs whose asses Obama keeps kissing, they were raised by the thieves of Blue Cross and CIGNA, the stakes are as high as it gets for millions of American families, so tell Obama to put that butter knife of his away and make sure he brings a gun to this gun fight.  This isn’t about bipartisanship, it’s not about money, it’s about human rights, it’s about human decency, it’s about finally learning what we need to learn if humanity is to survive.    

Love is the temple, Love’s the higher law.

Love is the temple, Love’s the higher law.

Honor it.  Proclaim it.  Light the world with it.

You’ve got to do what you should, Obama.

You’ve got to do what you should.



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    • RiaD on July 20, 2009 at 21:43


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  1. it’s showtime for him now. Now.

    For all of us.

    Excellent, Rusty, thank you.


  2. Hey mon, we both posted an essay today featuring different songs entitled “One”.

    That’s weird.

  3. in the May/June 2009 magazine, author John Rosenthal (can’t find a web version of article) talks about how Americans are seeking medical care abroad:

    …Some 750,000 Americans traveled abroad for medical procedures in 2007…That number is expected to reach six million by 2010 if health care costs in the U.S. continue to rise at the current rate…

    The article told of a 58 year old Michigan man who had an aortic aneurysm.  His local hospital said that an operation to repair the aneurysm would cost $450,000.  He didn’t have insurance, and after researching alternatives, chose to go to India for the procedure, which cost him $9,000 there.

    It’s outrageous that people are forced into these positions, but they are, on a daily basis.  

    One question I’d like to ask every member of Congress, and the Administration is:  “Why does it cost $9,000 to have a procedure in India, but cost 50 times more–$450,000, to have the same procedure here in the U.S.?”  Of course, they’ll say that the U.S. healthcare is the best in the world–but is that really true, in every instance?  

    The article points out that there are now medical tourism associations that guide people through the complexities of going abroad for medical care.   There are also organizations that accredit the quality of healthcare facilities worldwide.  The Joint Commission International (JCI) currently has accredited…

    “…more than 230 facilities in 30 countries, that kind of quality is increasingly ubiquitous…”

    So, if people can fly to and from another country, stay in a hotel there until they can return home, and pay for medical care and hospitalization abroad for a fraction of what the same care would cost here–again, the question is WHY?  Why are the GOP’ers and the Blue Dogs so concerned about the fact that providing medical care for Americans will be so costly–but aren’t the least bit curious about why our costs are so high in comparison with other nations??  Why aren’t members of the media asking the same questions??

  4. status of healthcare reform, the public option, pressuring Congress etc.


  5. What we need is single payer.

    The so called public option is a ‘mandated’, regressive tax on the poor, and a huge giveaway to the insurance industry–which takes 35-40% of American’s health care buck already.

    It will drive people to live in their cars, as they choose between rent and paying the tax man, some people may even end up in jail because they can’t pay the 2.5%.

    Meanwhile the rich don’t have to pay anything extra, if they have insurance, which they do.

  6. Let’s kiss O’Bush’s ass some more then.

  7. President Obama ran on CHANGE & YES WE CAN!

    Now, All the CORPORATE “forces” of endless WAR, unholy Wall Street GREED, corporate owned whores of Washington DC, a ghoulish Health Care industry that lives off suffering, while reaping immoral PROFITS, & especially the MONSTER that is EMPIRE, the “mother-load”, the Satanic force headquartered in the Pentagon that consumes blood & treasure in the worlds greatest INSANE, SUICIDAL, BOONDOGGLE of all time – all of these “forces” are desperately fighting CHANGE.

    We no longer have a United States of America that represents “We the People”. Today we are all SLAVES to The Corporate Empire, not a government, but only a soulless, MONSTROUS MASTER that exists for two goals, MORE POWER & MORE PROFIT.

    To the Corporate Empire people are seen as things to use, to profit from, to become cogs in their CORPORATE MACHINE, that can be disposed of when they are no longer needed.

    Please explain to me – how is this any different than SLAVERY?

    If “our” government is “corporate owned & operated” for the sole benefit of the CORPORATIONS, then what good are “our” votes?

    If “our” government can give a 1.35 TRILLION DOLLAR tax cut to the VERY Wealthiest people as Bush did in his first year in office & now Bush & Obama have given TRILLIONS to the Holy Land of Corporate GREED, Wall Street, while the CORPORATE EMPIRE of WAR continues to get a TRILLION a year to fight people with box cutters & 3rd world technology, yet there is no money for Health Care for the PEOPLE, no JOBS for the PEOPLE, only more “trickle-down”, more “crumbs”, while THE RICH up in the MASTERS HOUSE, continue their BANQUET at the peoples expense!

    President Obama was elected by “We the People” to give us CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

    Well this is it.

    This is the ULTIMATE “fork in the road”.

    One road leads to continued CORPORATE EMPIRE & a future for “We the People” based on the downward trajectory of the last 30 years, that portends a very bleak future for us & our children, the movie Mad Max comes to mind.

    The other road would require UNBELIEVABLE CHANGE & an OVERTHROW of a hideous BEAST, a dark force far more powerful & pervasive than the last diabolical, malignant INSTITUTION to “infect” America. That previous INSTITUTION was SLAVERY. Today the INSTITUTION of CORPORATE EMPIRE has taken over America, in a sense the Confederacy of the South has indeed risen again! Look at where the current Limbaugh Corporatist Republican Party is centered geographically, morally & politically, their allegiance is to THE OWNERS, not the people, the people have become CORPORATE SLAVES without a voice, with only a “imaginary” vote.

    Lincoln, unlike all previous presidents before him, freed the SLAVES with the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln ended the INSTITUTION of SLAVERY!

    Today President Obama now has his hand on the Ship of State, the INSTITUTION of CORPORATE EMPIRE, 60+ years in the making.

    Will President Obama just “steady the tiller” of the USS CORPORATE EMPIRE & maintain an immoral & ultimately like SLAVERY, an unsustainable INSTITUTION or will President Obama, like Lincoln, say ENOUGH to today’s INSTITUTION of CORPORATE EMPIRE that has it’s very roots & ancestry from the vile INSTITUTION of SLAVERY??? THAT is THE question!

    It is all about FREEDOM! Freedom is NEVER given, it must be taken!

    We need FREEDOM of “We the People” from being owned & controlled by “our” CORPORATE MASTERS.

    Today “We the People” need a new EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION to FREE us from “our” CORPORATE EMPIRE TYRANTS.  

    President Obama has a clear choice – continue the CORPORATE EMPIRE or write a new EMANCIPATION PROCLOMATION following in the footsteps of Lincoln.



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