Two articles on Honduras

The first, Honduras: US-backed mediation legitimizes military coup, by Bill Van Auken via World Socialist Web Site:

The talks convened in the Costa Rican capital San José on Thursday with the purported aim of resolving the political crisis unleashed by the June 28 coup in neighboring Honduras, are shaping up as a farce. The apparent object of this fraudulent exercise is to legitimize the military overthrow of the elected president of Honduras and realize the aims of Washington and the predominant sections of the right-wing Honduran oligarchy.

The second, Who is Oscar Arias?, also by Van Auken:

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias has been promoted in the US media as the ideal choice for mediating a settlement between the ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and the leaders of the military coup that overthrew him.

Both are worth reading. I think the overall thrust of the articles is that the coup was a service to the Empire, and that Arias is a servant of the Empire. Surprise, eh?


  1. The appointment of Arias effectively co-opted the demands for the restoration of Zelaya and democracy in Honduras.  Now we will have in San Jose an extremely protracted series of talks between underlings for Zelaya and Micheletti.  The golpistas stay in power.  Zelaya stays in exile.  The US continues to research whether or not it is a coup when the president of a country is arrested in his pajamas in the middle of the night, put on a plane, and flown out of the country.  Mouthpieces for the golpistas continue to repeat that Zelaya = Chavez, the coup was legal/constitutional, Zelaya had lost his support, the Supreme Court and Congress made the “coup” legitimate, etc.  The OAS, having called for restoration, is now silenced while the talks continue.  The press is still silenced in Honduras, the arrests and detentions continue, and even lawyers for the demonstrators have been arrested.

    I suppose things can stay like this for weeks.  US military and non-humanitarian aid is still cut off, pending the research.  the OAS has suspended Honduras.  Most countries (not the US) have withdrawn their ambassadors.  But there’s no pressure for a resolution.  Everybody saves face by talking incessantly until it’s time for the next election.

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