Sexual Assault Charges for Former Iraq Contractor

Iraq Sex Crimes Prosecutions Rare, Experts Say


July 16, 2009-

Federal prosecutors have charged a former KBR employee with sexually assaulting a female co-worker in Iraq last year.

Charles Breda, 34, of Pearland, Texas, was arrested last week and charged with abusive sexual contact of another employee of Texas-based government contracting giant KBR in October 2008 at Camp Al Asad. Breda, who left KBR earlier this year, was arrested last week at a Houston-area barber college. He has pled not guilty. He appeared in court Wednesday for a detention hearing.

KBR hired the musclebound Breda in 2007 to work in a gym for government personnel in Iraq.

And WHAT a surprise – he’s done it BEFORE!!!

In her testimony, NCIS agent Brancino said that Breda had been separated from the Army in 2001 after officials discovered he had sex with and bought alcohol for an 18-year-old female recruit.

The Army found Breda used a government vehicle to have sex with an 18-year-old female he was recruiting to join the Army, Brancino said. He also used the car to take the woman to buy alcohol, and go to a motel for a sexual encounter, the agent said. The findings were part of an Army administrative investigation which led to Breda’s separation, according to the agent.

You want to monitor the real enemies of the state? We need a database of THESE pieces of shit because most of them, like this one, ARE repeat offenders. And they need to end up in the hoosegow. At best.

Seriously. These mad dogs need to become an endangered species. They need to be collectively put out of our misery.

You want to see an end to fraud, waste, abuse and corruption in our government? Watch how the statistics go down if you start removing military and DoD contractor rapist and sexual harassment scumbags from the equation. Bring a set of downhill ski gear, you’re gonna need it, because that curve is gonna be steep.

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