She has me weeping

I saw this photo and I had to share it.

Why is this woman so maligned by the ‘liberal’ media?

Why is she so hated?

What has she done to draw so many swords against her?

I say God bless you Cindy Sheehan.  God bless you for all you have done for the anti-war crowd.  God bless you for all you have done for the left.

Your loss is incomprehensible for most of us and your contributions are welcome.  I salute the ‘Peace Mom’!

I apologize for the short essay, but this woman deserves better.


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  1. her suffering is endless.


  2. she was in the news again.

    • jamess on July 20, 2009 at 05:58

    Lord of Flies —

    where normal, run of the mill kid,

    turn into, a mob of angry brutes,

    given the right circumstances.

    The swarm mentality,

    the Lemming mind set.

    It seems that some people

    will just always run with the pack.

    you’re right, Cindy deserves much better.

    She deserves a seat in congress, for all she’s done.


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