Progressive Anthony Weiner calls for “The End” of Publicly Run Medicare

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as reported on Rachel Maddow’s Thursday show:

Congressman Weiner’s bluff-calling, put-up-or-shut-up amendment to the House health care bill (H.R. 3200):

Really Republicans, don’t like Publicly run Health Care?

Would you care to put your Vote where your rhetoric is,

to eliminate a very successful Public Health Care Program — Medicare?……

So what happened?

Will Medicare be relegated to the “junk heap of history” as another “failed idea” of the Liberal Agenda? … well in a word, HARDLY!

Well surprise, surprise … The Party of Obstructionists failed to take him up on this Amendment, to rid America of that “evil” Socialist Medicare System.

And on the 44th Birthday of Medicare, no less … OH the Tyranny!

OH the Irony! … Socialist Medicine is evil — except for when it’s not!

Rep. Anthony Weiner goes on to Deconstruct the Socialism threat of the Public Option, eventually leading to a Govt Plan — you might say he turns the tables on their arguments:

“The next logical step … [for us to ask]

… is NOT — Why have a Public Option? — but WHY have a Private Option at all? …”

If Medicare works so well, and the VA Health Care works so well, with a minimum of Administrative overhead, and a maximum of Actual Health Care — WHY DO WE EVEN NEED PRIVATE INSURERS, at all? … What DO THEY bring to the Table?How DO THEY improve Americans’ Quality of Life?

Weiner is planning on introducing Single Payer Amendments

tomorrow. Finally a Progressive Representative with some Backbone!

Listen to him mix-it-up on the Floor of the House! … You GO Dude!…

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY):

“I hear my colleagues complain about government-sponsored health care,” Weiner said. “You know what? I am half-tempted to offer an amendment to eliminate Medicare. Then what would you do? What do you think Medicare is? It’s government sponsored health care and it’s one of the most popular programs around.”

“Now it’s got problems and we should fix it but all of the concern well the public option is going to crush private insurance.

Do you think consumers are not smart enough to choose the best one and if they choose the best option doesn’t that tell you something? Are your constituents only smart enough to vote for you but they’re not smart enough to pick a health care plan for themselves? I think they’re pretty smart.”

“…This is like Jabberwocky, which was the language spoken in Alice in Wonderland … ‘Through the Looking Glass’.

“You know if you say these words enough sooner or later they take on a little life of their own. Well you can feel free to do that but the American people know you’re standing in defense of a system that everyone knows is broken everyone knows is too expensive everyone knows doesn’t work and we were elected to change that.”…

That’s rich, he’s calling Obstructionist-speak “Jabberwocky”!

Good call Representative! They keep talking and talking without really saying much, that will make a “fly leap” of difference in American’s everyday lives!

Afterall in their Jabberwock-world, “We already have the BEST Health Care System in the world!” — yeah right!


… Beware the Jabberwock, my son. The Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch ……

Beware … Indeed!

And with Alice starting to speak back like that, we might ALL soon be asking …

But WHY have a Private Option at all?”

Good Question … Do we live

(and die), just to make Private Insurers Rich?

We DO Now.

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    • jamess on July 31, 2009 at 07:18

    a pony for your thoughts.

    • jamess on July 31, 2009 at 07:55

    from 2007, on Global Climate Change:

    lol, I love how he calls them

    “The Republic Party”

  1. and was jumping up and down with glee! lol. Especially that one line that you highlighted there…

    “why have a PRIVATE option at all?”

    thanks for posting this here.

    oh, ps… heres an article in Politico he wrote that I found last night.

    • jamess on August 1, 2009 at 20:19

    Since Medicare works so well,

    and the VA Health Care works so well,

    with a minimum of Administrative overhead,

    and a maximum of Actual Health Care —

    We need to start asking:


    What DO THEY bring to the Table?

    How DO THEY improve Americans’ Quality of Life?

    If the answer involves the importance of the Private Insurer, as a major Employer of thousands of Claim Specialists,

    Then the the next Question,

    we should be asking is:

    SO we are living (and sometimes dying) —

    just to provide a Profit to the Insurance Industry?

    And again

    What DOES the PRIVATE Insurance Industry bring to the Table?

    What DO WE, OWE THEM?

    No one else in Society, can extort 10-30% increases in Premiums each year — for LESS and LESS Services!

    This is Unsustainable,

    and Unfair, to boot.

    Any other “Industry” like this, would be driven “Out of Business” in short order — but since, THEY can “siphon” directly into our paychecks, well, WHY do they need actual RESULTS?

    Why do they NEED to Improve the Health,

    of the Average American?

    Short answer is, THEY DON’T.

    (Since they also “transfer wealth” directly into Congress too, through their well-paid, and behind-the-scenes Lobbyists.)

    Helluva a “System” we got here!

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