Pony Party: Firefox Warning

Hi, there!

I’ve been a fan of Firefox as my default browser since v. 1.5 was released out of Beta testing.  Every upgrade has been better than the one before…

Until today.

This morning, I saw that 3.5 was out of Beta testing & decided to upgrade.

Bad move.  It was much, much slower than 3.0.11 and was “wonky,” if you know what I mean.  Just didn’t work right, and was extremely slow besides.  Worse than the current version of Internet Explorer (previously the slowest browser I’ve ever used).

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NB: Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Please do not rec the party, and please post your own thoughts, lols, vids, or whatever in the comments.

Since neither of my two online “consultants” (i.e., people I beg for help when I’m stymied) seemed to be around, I went to the Mozilla site & checked out the forums.

Turns out I’m not alone.  Lots of people have had this issue with FF 3.5: many, like me, are running Windows XP, but others are running Vista, and at least one is running a Mac.  It’s a bug in FF, not in our computers.

In one thread, some people posed the same question I was asking myself: how do I get back to FF 3?  Continued to scroll down the thread and some kind soul had posted the link, with advice to do a complete uninstall of 3.5.

So I did.  And now I’ve reinstalled 3 and it’s working beautifully…even has my same bookmarks…I thought I’d lose them for sure!

So if anyone here needs it, just ask, and I’ll provide the link to FF 3.0.11.

Now, on to the fun stuff!

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  1. from someone who’s a software idiot.

    oh hai

  2. I was going to update my laptop tonight. I already did this one but everything is slow on it so I didn’t notice anything.  

  3. having problems with internet searches with Google and Yahoo for over a couple of months, and wonder if anyone else has had this happen:

    When I have a couple of windows open and do a couple of searches, Google (or Yahoo search) will “lock up” and I have to close the program, which closes all the open windows too.  

    I’ve found that I can do searches with Bing.com and don’t have that problem.  

    The “freeze up” happens both with Firefox and with IE.  I don’t have a clue if it has to do with the browser, with the fairly new Dell computer with Vista, with my Internet Service Provider (Charter), or with Google?  

  4. thanks for the heads up Youff.  I am still using 3.0.11 and will hold off upgrading until the latest version is stable.


  5. Very bad things are currently happening to people who do.

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